SNL’s 50th Anniversary Special: Air Date and Details

Known for its long-standing late-night comedy sketches that often stretch into the wee hours of the weekend, Saturday Night Live (SNL) has been entertaining audiences since 1975. In a recent announcement, the show revealed plans to hold its 50th anniversary event on NBC, promising several special highlights from its illustrious history. Far from typically scheduled Saturday night timings, this epoch-making event is set to air live on Sunday, February 16.

A Momentous Occasion on an Unusual Day

In an amusing twist, the SNL 50th Anniversary special isn’t scheduled to air on a Saturday night, but instead on a Sunday from 8-11 pm EST. This walk down memory lane will close a celebratory weekend dedicated to reliving the highs of this iconic show, which has been a hallmark of comedy for half a century.

Future Leadership of SNL

Regarding the future leadership of SNL, the show’s creator Lorne Michaels hinted earlier this year that Tina Fey could possibly take over, praising her brilliance and the integral role she plays in his life. There has been much speculation about Michaels’ departure after 50 seasons, but his actual timeline remains unconfirmed. His remarks have led to conjecture about others currently involved with the show who could be suitable successors.

Wrapping Up

It’s clear from the anticipation surrounding the 50th anniversary special that Saturday Night Live continues to hold sway as a beloved staple of American television. As fans await this landmark event with bated breath, many are also curious about the future leadership of the legendary show. For the latest, up-to-the-minute details on developments like these, head over to HitPlay.


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