Law & Order: Organized Crime Moves to Peacock for Season Five

The fifth season of “Law & Order: Organized Crime” is migrating to Peacock, NBC’s younger streaming platform. Although the series is experiencing a venue change, it will still be visited by a cast of familiar characters.

Actress Mariska Hargitay confirmed her ongoing negotiations with former screen partner Christopher Meloni for an on-screen reunion. This would not be their first shared screen-time and it isn’t expected that their characters will kiss. A crossover is in the works between Meloni’s “Organized Crime” and Hargitay’s character’s series, “SVU”.

Hargitay Expresses Hopes for On-Screen Reunion

Speaking to Variety, Hargitay shared her excitement over the prospect of a crossover. “I’m actually planning on it,” she affirmed while leaving details about their recent interaction vague. They met at a party and had a delightful time. Her comments hinted at an eagerly anticipated meeting in person as part of the crossover plan.

The groundwork for this reunion is being laid meticulously. Hargitay has already met with Meloni’s showrunner, and the actors have been discussing the possibilities. Both feel the timing is right.

Their characters last interacted when Benson, played by Hargitay, confessed to Stabler, Meloni’s character, that she had given a necklace he had gifted her to a victim’s mother. She hopes to recover this necklace in future plot developments.

Potential Story Arc of Benson and Stabler

Ironically, if current trends continue, the narrative arc of Stabler and Benson could see them married by 2045. Such a development would not be unprecedented considering the longevity of the “SVU” series.

Wrapping Up

“Law & Order: Organized Crime” is poised to reintroduce familiar faces and expand storylines as it moves to Peacock for its fifth season. A reunion between the characters of Hargitay and Meloni is also on the cards, amping up the excitement for fans of the series. To catch up on all past episodes and stay updated about the future ones, visit HitPlay.

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