Wendy Williams’ Lifetime Doc Guides to Strong Ratings

Wendy Williams’s life story has sparked interest over the years, and Lifetime’s latest documentary, “Where Is Wendy Williams?” provides an in-depth, insightful peek into her personal life. The controversial, 4 1/2-hour film aired on cable viewers’ screens on February 24 and 25, drawing an audience of over one million. These impressive numbers significantly surpass the network’s previous three weeks’ average primetime viewership of just over 300,000.

Eclipsing Earlier Viewing Records

“Where Is Wendy Williams?” also surged past other popular Lifetime shows. For instance, the January docuseries “The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard” had an average viewing figure of 887,000 during its six-hour stretch. Lifetime reported that this number increased by 24% after accounting for delayed viewership, bringing the average to 1.1 million. If the same increase were applied to the Williams documentary, it would fall slightly below 1.3 million viewers. Do note that these Nielsen ratings do not include views from streaming platforms.

A Health Reveal Preceding the Airing

Prior to the documentary’s premiere, Wendy Williams’s care team announced that she had been diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia. This came after intense speculation about her health following the end of her daytime talk show in 2022. Williams’s representative expressed gratitude for the outpouring of love and kind words received after the health revelation, highlighting the overwhelming response that underscored the power of unity and the importance of compassion.

Producer’s Take on the Documentary

Producer Mark Ford confessed to “THR” that the documentary might not have been filmed had they known about Wendy’s dementia diagnosis beforehand. Furthermore, Williams’s guardian sought to block the show’s release by suing A+E Networks, the parent company of Lifetime, albeit unsuccessfully.

Wrapping Up

“Where Is Wendy Williams?” truly depicts the life, career, and health struggles of the established talk show host, proving to be a riveting audience magnet. This documented chronicle stands as a testimony to Williams’s resilience and strength amid her recent diagnosis. For more factual, entertaining, and compelling content, be sure to visit HitPlay.

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