John Mulaney on Possibility of ‘Everybody’s In LA’ Season 2

Netflix recently experimented with a novel approach by premiering a new episode of John Mulaney’s Everybody’s In L.A. for five consecutive nights, diverging from their traditional binge-release and two-batch models. This new format featured live television, a relatively new venture for the streaming giant. While live TV can be risky, the show received positive reviews and included numerous entertaining guest stars. However, Mulaney seems hesitant about a potential return next year.

John Mulaney’s Vision for the Show

According to an interview with Mulaney (via Deadline), the show initially had a different concept. Mulaney intended for participants to have creative freedom, envisioning it more as a variety show rather than a series with multiple renewals. He stated, “I wanted everyone to go make what they wanted and I will put it on. We can’t get renewed. We should actually be a variety show.”

The Summer Job Comparison

Mulaney likened the project to a summer job, appreciating its defined start and end dates. He said, “I liked that it was an assignment and that it had a start date and an end date like a summer job. I really liked the idea of that you can make it whatever you want.” His comparison underscores his appreciation for straightforward, time-limited projects.

Guest Stars and Notable Rejections

The comedian revealed that he had hoped to feature several film icons in the special, but they declined. “David Lynch passed. He said, ‘I don’t understand what this is. I’m working on new art, and I have to keep my eye on the donut,’ which was the best pass. Everyone did pass in a nice way. Werner Herzog passed. He said, ‘I have to keep away from the comedians,’” Mulaney shared. These rejections highlight the challenges of integrating high-profile guests into niche projects.

Wrapping Up

While John Mulaney’s Everybody’s In L.A. received a favorable reception and pushed the boundaries of Netflix’s release strategies, the future of similar projects remains uncertain. Mulaney’s unique vision for the show and the logistical hurdles of securing high-profile guests pose significant considerations for its continuation.

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