John Mulaney’s ‘Everybody’s In L.A.’ Sets Perfect Vibe

Renowned comedian, John Mulaney, has embarked on a new endeavor, hosting a limited-run series, Everybody’s In L.A., on Netflix. The short series, comprised of only six episodes, is a divergence from traditional late-night talk shows, boasting creative freedom and an array of celebrity guests.

A Different Approach to Late-Night Television

Reminiscent of Adam Pally and Ben Schwartz’s stint hosting CBS’ The Late Late Show during a blizzard, Mulaney utilizes this project for creative exploration. With no plans for long-term continuation, the show is executed with an unconventional approach, free from constraints often associated with ongoing series production.

Fostering a Unique Creative Environment

Mulaney, known for his interest in undertaking diverse creative projects, seems to relish this opportunity for artistic liberty. This is evident in his statement from the first episode of Everybody’s In L.A., where he expressed his fondness for concluding projects. Mulaney’s career trajectory shares similarities with that of Albert Brooks, a comedian known for his creative independence and rejection of long-term commitments.

A Blend of Comedy and Serious Topics

Everybody’s In L.A. offers a mix of lighter, quirky content, alongside cogent discussions on pressing topics. One such example was the panel discussion on crime in LA, featuring OJ Simpson prosecutor Marcia Clark, helicopter reporter Zoe Tur, and comedians Earthquake, Nate Bartgatze, and Patton Oswalt.

Musical Guests and Influences

The show’s dynamic extends to its selection of musical guests, with performers such as St. Vincent, Warren G, and Joyce Manor. Everybody’s In L.A. also draws inspiration from disparate influences, ranging from the inventive sketches of Late Night to the randomized humour of Comedy Bang! Bang! and relaxed audience participation of The Chris Gethard Show.

Wrapping Up

While the show’s limited run may be a disappointment to some, it is consistent with Mulaney’s creative style. The show’s blend of comedy and serious discussion, wrapped in an accessible format, is sure to make Everybody’s In L.A. an unforgettable contribution to late-night television. All six episodes are available for streaming on Netflix. For other acclaimed shows and series, visit HitPlay.

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