Chris Hemsworth Risked ‘Extraction’ Production with Dangerous Activity

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, known for his role as Thor in Marvel movies, leading the ‘Extraction’ franchise, and his forthcoming role in the ‘Mad Max’ universe in ‘Furiosa,’ recently shed light on the precautions taken while filming such action-packed films. Hemsworth then delved into his adventurous hobbies, revealing a particular incident during ‘Extraction’s’ production that could have jeopardized the entire film.

‘Hot Ones’ Unveils Hemsworth’s Risk Taking Side

Hot Ones‘ recently invited Chris Hemswroth as a guest, where he was questioned about his contractual obligations and whether they restrict his adventurous spirit during off-hours. While confirming the existence of such contractual stipulations, Hemsworth admitted to his penchant for thrill and excitement.

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The actor revealed, “There’s always a you sign the waiver that says ‘Don’t do this, don’t do that,’ and you still kind of do secretly. But I’ve had a few moments where I’ve been doing those things and going ‘This could cost me or the studio or someone a lot of money if I was to get injured right now.’ “

Hemsworth’s Love for Surfing

Chris Hemsworth’s passion for surfing is well-known. The actor often uploads videos showcasing his impressive surfing skills. As an enthusiastic surfer, Hemsworth continues this hobby even when he is on movie sets.

He recounted a particular incident while shooting for ‘Extraction,’ where his love for surfing almost cost him dearly. Hemsworth was surfing in potentially dangerous waves in the South of France, where he was shooting. “As we were shooting Extraction, I was down in the South of France surfing some pretty big waves, and a couple of times I was underwater and being rolled in those sort of big 15-foot surf thinking ‘Maybe I shouldn’t be here right now.’ This could halt the production for the entirety of it because I’ll be dead”, shared Hemsworth.

An accident during this risky outing could have delayed the filming, impacting the production of the action-packed ‘Extraction’. However, luckily, the actor emerged unscathed and lived to share the tale.

Ongoing Projects

Post ‘Extraction,’ Hemsworth proceeded to film its sequel, with talks about ‘Extraction 3‘ already underway. Hemsworth, known for his action roles, is also set to star in ‘Furiosa’, premiering on the 2024 movie schedule on May 24.

Wrapping Up

Chris Hemsworth is a proficient actor acclaimed for his action-packed roles. While maintaining a thrilling personal life, he expertly balances risky hobbies and professional commitments. Despite facing potential dangers that could affect his work, Hemsworth continues to entertain audiences with his cinematic prowess. For more such engaging content visit HitPlay.

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