Chris Hemsworth Hits Back at Directors Bashing Marvel

Chris Hemsworth has voiced his disapproval of fellow actors and distinguished directors who criticize Marvel films. Hemsworth, who is known for his role in Furiosa and as the titular character in Marvel’s Thor, addressed the issue in a recent interview with The Times of London.

The Backlash from Inside

Hemsworth, 40, reproached actors who, after starring in Marvel projects, went on to express disappointment with the franchise. While he did not single out any actors, the star referred to a familiar pattern. He summed up their attitude as hoping for success with a Marvel film, then resorting to criticizing the franchise when the film failed to deliver.

From his early beginnings in Australian soap opera Home and Away, Hemsworth learned the value of humility and appreciation. He expressed dismay at his peers casting off the show in shame, arguing that humility goes a long way in the entertainment industry.

Learning from the Past

Strategic advice from a senior actor on Home and Away stuck with Hemsworth. The actor shared that his colleague had pointed out that their job was not merely to make good lines sound good, but to make the bad lines work as well. Hemsworth regarded this wisdom as a crucial part of his learning journey and expressed a willingness for continuous improvement in his superhero role.

High-Profile Critics

Some of the most prominent critics of the superhero genre include renowned directors Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola. Hemsworth expressed disappointment at their negative remarks, expressing that he found their criticism too harsh especially given their status as seasoned film icons. Scorsese had previously called Marvel films “not cinema”, and Coppola went as far as labeling them as “despicable.”

Despite this, Hemsworth strongly believed that superhero movies cater to an extensive global audience – a fact that cannot be overlooked. In his words, the billions who watch superhero movies can’t all be wrong.

The Changing Cinema Landscape

Discussion also touched on the shift in the film industry. Specifically, Hemsworth challenged the notion that superhero films have caused the industry’s significant changes over the past decade. He instead attributed such shifts to factors such as social media and smartphones. Hemsworth advocated for the superhero genre, stating it had a substantial role in maintaining cinema attendance during this transition period and deserves more recognition.

Wrapping Up

The shifting tides of the movie industry reflect evolving audience preferences and technology changes. As actors and directors continue to navigate this landscape, diverse opinions on film genres such as superhero movies are bound to surface. Despite criticism, the genre continues to draw large audiences worldwide, demonstrating its appeal and impact. For more interesting industry insights, visit HitPlay.

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