Superman: David Corenswet Suits Up

James Gunn has finally unveiled the first official glimpse of David Corenswet as the new Superman, and while his portrayal was anticipated to bring a fresh energy to the iconic superhero, the initial photo is sparking a different kind of reaction.

The Costume and Cavill Comparisons

In the set photo, Corenswet is dressed in the updated Superman suit, seated in a high-rise apartment while a laser blast erupts in the background of a seemingly embattled Metropolis. This action-packed scene shows Corenswet’s Superman looking battered and bruised, with his suit scuffed and dirt-streaked.

What’s drawing attention, however, is how much Corenswet resembles his predecessor, Henry Cavill. Fans have noted eerie similarities between the two actors, especially in the costume design, which appears quite similar to the suits Cavill wore in previous films. Even the color scheme, which is darker than expected, echoes Cavill’s Superman.

Gunn’s Vision vs. Expectations

Gunn had previously stated his approach to the new Superman would be inspired by the “All-Star” comic series and the Christopher Reeve era of films, with a lighter and more vibrant tone. However, this first look at Corenswet in costume suggests a darker aesthetic. Fans are debating whether the new direction is truly distinct or simply reminiscent of Cavill’s portrayal.

Production and Fan Reactions


Production for the new ‘Superman’ film is already underway, and this initial reveal has sparked debates among fans. While some are excited to see how Corenswet’s performance unfolds, others are skeptical about the character’s new direction, arguing that the similarities to Cavill’s Superman are too strong.

As the film’s 2025 release date approaches, Gunn is expected to provide more sneak peeks into his vision for Corenswet’s Superman. For now, audiences will have to sit tight and see if Corenswet can truly redefine the Last Son of Krypton.

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