‘Brittany Cartwright Teases Season 1 of ‘The Valley’ Will Get Crazier’

According to Brittany Cartwright, a cast member for Bravo’s The Valley, the drama has just begun. As the show spins the tales of a group of friends leaving Los Angeles for suburban life, Cartwright assures fans that the story will only get more intense. Besides, the end of filming hasn’t signaled the end of real-life drama for Cartwright and her now-estranged husband Jax Taylor.

Understanding the Move from LA to the Suburbs

After The Valley premiered on Bravo, viewers were introduced to two key cast members, Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Brittany, aged 35, hinted that the series was set for an intense journey. Trading their exciting city life for the peace of the suburbs, Brittany, Jax, and a group of their friends, snowball the excitement for the viewers.

Parenthood and the Series

On being parents, Brittany addressed the changing dynamics her and Jax’s formerly tumultuous relationship faced. The last viewers caught a glimpse of their life was during their televised wedding, and the couple had crossed almost five years of married life during the filming. But their relationship eventually reached turmoil, resulting in separation, but both continue to share parenting their two-year-old son, Cruz.

Brittany Supports Kristen’s Decision

As filming for The Valley went on, Brittany developed a deeper connection with her co-star Luke. She expressed her support for co-star Kristen’s decision to dive into a new relationship with Luke after her 2022 split with ex, Alex Menache. Brittany, herself a mother, acknowledged her initial surprise at the speed of Kristen’s decision of wanting to start a family, but was strong in her support for Kristen’s desire to be a mother.

Jax’ Interference Weighs In

Brittany revealed that Jax had initially been skeptical and wary about Kristen’s rapid relationship development with Luke. Jax’s protective concern metamorphosed into intrusion, resulting in Brittany addressing the situation. She commented on Jax’s repetitive interventions and unnecessary mentions calling for restraint and patience on Kristen’s behalf.

Tuning In to ‘The Valley’

Bravo airs The Valley every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET, opening doors to an exciting and dynamic series full of drama and twists. Tune in to enjoy the stories of these friends navigating through their life.

Wrapping Up

Overlooking the gossip surrounding cast members, The Valley provides an entertaining escape into the lives of these exciting characters. For more such entertainment, head to HitPlay today.

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