Jennifer Garner Reveals She Broke Down in Tears After ‘Felicity’ Audition

Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner recently shed light on her intense audition for the TV series “Felicity” and the emotional toll it had on her. Speaking on the “Dear Felicity” podcast, hosted by Greg Grunberg, Garner publicly reminisced about the powerful audition scene that had left her in tears and needing to take refuge in the bathroom to compose herself. “I remember the audition. I remember going into the bathroom after because the scene was so emotional and I needed to cry,” she revealed on The Ringer’s Dear Felicity podcast. “I needed to hide in the bathroom stall and finish the cry that I started in the audition because it was such a powerful scene.”

Recalling the Audition

Garner revealed that co-creator of the show, J.J. Abrams, asked her to re-audition for the role. She expressed appreciation for Abrams as a director stating that his approach to providing constructive feedback is what she thrives off. Garner highlighted the importance of feedback to her growth as an actress, and how much she values directors who guide her towards the best version of the character she is tasked to portray.

Securing Her Role

After her second audition, Garner secured the role of Hannah Bibb in “Felicity”. The character, who was the hometown girlfriend of Noel (Scott Foley), caused a stir upon her unanticipated visit to Noel’s dorm. The romantic storyline between Hannah and Noel notwithstanding, Garner’s character was later revisited in the show’s fourth season during an “alternate universe” story arc.

Garner’s Journey Post Felicity

Although Garner only made a few appearances as Hannah, she made a lasting impression on Abrams. This led to her lead role in the subsequent hit series, “Alias”, as Sydney Bristow—an international spy working for a supposed secret branch of the CIA.

In her recent conversations, Garner mentioned that there has been frequent speculation about an “Alias” reboot, to which she stated that she would absolutely return for a feature film, if directed by Abrams. However, Abrams hasn’t expressed interest in revisiting the action series.

Cast Relationships

Garner maintains that over the years she and her fellow “Alias” co-stars, including Bradley Cooper, Victor Garber, and Ron Rifkin, have remained close. The group apparently still meets regularly, showcasing their strong off-screen relationships that followed their acting collaborations.

Wrapping Up

Despite the emotional toll, Jennifer Garner’s audition for “Felicity” was a stepping stone in her career. Garner’s profound reflection on her experience underscores the importance of embracing constructive criticism and investing in character development. It’s these qualities that have arguably helped Garner sustain her career and develop a lasting bond with her co-stars. For more engaging content, don’t forget to visit HitPlay.

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