Disney+ to Begin Password-Sharing Crackdown Soon

No sharing cookies, Grogu! Disney’s top executive, Bob Iger, has recently confirmed that the company’s streaming service, Disney+, will start its crackdown on password sharing starting June. This move will initially be executed in “a few countries in a few markets”, followed by a larger, global rollout planned for September.

Disney CFO’s Take on the Situation

Disney’s chief financial officer, Hugh Johnston, earlier this year told investors about the company’s perspective on the upcoming changes. He emphasized the changes related to “paid sharing,” saying, “Beginning this summer, Disney+ accounts suspected of improper sharing will be provided with new capabilities to allow ‘borrowers’ to start their own subscriptions.” Johnston revealed an impending additional fee for subscribers who wish to share their account access with individuals outside of the primary account’s location.

Benefits of the Hulu On Disney+ Feature

Bob Iger also shared his thoughts on the recently unveiled Hulu On Disney+ feature during a chat with CNBC. According to Iger, the company is satisfied with the increased viewership of those who previously did not subscribe to Hulu but are now enjoying more Hulu-based content, like Shogun, through Disney+. He underscored the urgency to increase engagement and customer retention using technological tools. These include recommendation engines and personalized interactions aimed at “creating more stickiness” and lowering customer turnover.

Wrapping Up

As part of the move to sanction password sharing, Disney+ aims to provide better services to its users while monetizing shared access. This strategic move, supplemented with technological enhancements for customer retention, is designed to increase account security and improve service quality. For more entertainment news, events, and updates, visit HitPlay.

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