Invincible Season 2 Finale Review – Fans Stunned by Brutality


Seriously, stop reading now if you’re not caught up with this amazing show.

“I Thought You Were Stronger”

The finale of Invincible Season 2, titled “I Thought You Were Stronger,” aims for emotional depth but falls short of its ambitious goals. The episode is action-packed, bringing protagonist Mark Grayson to a pivotal point in his life, filled with self-doubt and existential questions about his identity as both a superhero and a human being. Despite its fast pace and some standout moments, the finale feels incomplete, lacking a key element that might have elevated it to the expected climax of the season.

Angstrom Levy, voiced by Sterling K. Brown, emerges as the antagonist, whose motives and actions are deeply personal and menacing. However, Levy’s character suffers from underdevelopment due to his sporadic appearances throughout the season. His vendetta against Mark, while grounded in the consequences of his dimension-hopping experiments gone awry, lacks the build-up necessary to make him a compelling villain in this concluding episode.

The narrative attempts to weave in high-stakes multiverse adventures and confrontations, yet Mark’s journey through various challenges appears too effortless, diminishing the sense of peril. Despite the underutilization of these narrative elements, the performances, particularly Brown’s portrayal of Levy and Steven Yeun’s voice work as Mark, add a layer of intensity to their final confrontation. This climactic battle is both visually and emotionally charged, drawing parallels to the brutal showdown between Mark and his father, Nolan, in the previous season’s finale.

Mark’s moral conflict, spurred by the actions he takes against Levy, feels slightly contrived. While the episode aims to present a crisis of faith for Mark, the lack of a nuanced moral dilemma or a significant departure from his established character arc lessens the impact of this intended emotional pivot.

Wrapping Up

As the episode concludes, several storylines remain unresolved, setting the stage for the next season but leaving the audience wanting more coherence from this finale. The dynamic between Mark and the other characters, especially Atom Eve, offers a glimpse into the personal toll of his superhero duties, culminating in a bittersweet resolution to their relationship.

The finale of Invincible Season 2 delivers moments of emotional resonance and thrilling action, yet it misses the mark in providing a fully satisfying conclusion to its complex narrative threads. The anticipation for Season 3 is undoubtedly high, with the hope that it will address the unresolved issues and delve deeper into the characters’ journeys.

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