Peter Jackson Praises A24’s ‘Talk to Me’ as Best Horror Film in Years

While Peter Jackson might be most renowned for spearheading the epic “Lord of the Rings” saga, true fans certainly haven’t forgotten his horror roots, tracing back to films like “Braindead” (trailer below) and “Bad Taste”. His capabilities within the horror genre can suddenly make his recommendation of a new horror film ring true and noteworthy.

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Recently, the acclaimed director sang praises for A24’s new release, “Talk to Me”. Ever since its premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, the horror flick has been garnering positive reviews and raking in significant box office receipts. Interestingly, studio A24 has already revealed plans for a sequel, further bolstering anticipation.

Voicing his impression about the film, helmed by the Philippou Brothers, Jackson described it as “relentlessly scary and disturbing – in the best possible way”. He went on to say, “‘Talk To Me’ isn’t just good – it’s very, very good. The best, most intense, horror movie I’ve enjoyed in years.”

“Talk to Me” centers on a group of thrill-seeking teenagers who opt to perform a séance using a found severed hand – a premise that indeed promises screams and scares. The exact plot for the upcoming sequel remains undisclosed, but horror enthusiasts, including Jackson himself, are keenly awaiting what the Philippou duo will bring to the table next.

If you’re feeling courageous and curious, catch “Talk to Me” now playing in theaters. The trailer is available to view below:

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