A Sneak peek into William and Kate’s romance in ‘The Crown’ season 6

Guess what, folks! Your favorite Netflix spectacle, ‘The Crown’, is inching closer to its grand finale, and we’ve got a delicious little appetizer to whet your royal appetite.

Behold, the first glimpse of our beloved Prince William and Kate Middleton, charmingly portrayed by the immensely talented Ed McVey and Meg Bellamy.

For those of you who haven’t dived headfirst into the royal saga beyond the confines of Peter Morgan’s Netflix magnum opus, here’s a little primer. Our royal duo, William and Kate, first crossed paths at the University of St Andrew’s in Scotland in 2001. As we waved goodbye to the ’90s with the conclusion of Season 5, the sixth, and sadly, the final season, promises to propel the monarchy into the dawn of the new millennium. This will undoubtedly unfurl the early chapters of Kate and William’s captivating romance.

And for those who’ve been asking, here’s the drumroll… first look at McVey as William. Check out that hair!

Next up, feast your eyes on Bellamy, a picture-perfect representation of Kate. And yes, the hair, again!

Meg Bellamy, an uncanny resemblance of Kate Middleton, engrossed in a class.
Credit: Netflix
And voila! Here they are, soaking up the university life in Scotland. The hair! The iconic denim-sweater-shirt ensemble!

Ed McVey and Meg Bellamy, the perfect embodiment of Prince William and Kate in ‘The Crown’.
Credit: Netflix
On a more solemn note, given where we left off in Season 5, it’s quite possible that ‘The Crown’ might delve into the heartbreaking demise of Princess Diana (portrayed by Elizabeth Debicki), Prince William’s mother, in 1997. The anticipation is real, folks! Let’s buckle up for this royal ride.

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