Jordan Peele’s Next Film Allegedly Starts Production This Summer

The beginning of production for Jordan Peele’s next film is rumored to be slated for this summer, as reported by World of Reel. The specifics of the project remain under wraps. However, there is speculation, as noted by this source, that Steven Yeun and Daniel Kaluuya might join the film’s cast.

Universal Sets December 2024 Release Date

Back in March 2023, Universal Pictures disclosed the release date for Peele’s still-unnamed fourth film. Mark your calendars for December 25, 2024. Due to a recent writer and actor strike, there were concerns regarding the film’s summer production timeline.

Speculations Abound About Peele’s Next Venture

The plot of Jordan Peele’s forthcoming film is shrouded in mystery and speculation. Some have theorized that it could be a sequel to “Get Out,” while others think it might be too premature for such a move. Peele himself, in a 2022 interview with the New York Times, teased the possibility of a “Nope” sequel. Despite these rumors, it’s anticipated that Peele will introduce an original concept in this next film.

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