Jordan Peele to Helm Series on ‘Black Cowboy Culture’

Jordan Peele, under his company Monkeypaw Productions, is all set to executive produce a frontier-breaking, untitled docuseries for Peacock. The series aims to challenge conventional portrayals of cowboys seen in popular culture by “dismantling the whitewashed mythology of the cowboy”. The exact release date is yet to be announced.

Demystifying the Era of Black Cowboys

The official synopsis indicates the docuseries will shed light on a neglected piece of American history. An exploration into the identity of Black cowboys, the series seeks to expose and counter the historical erasure of these figures in frontier history. Viewers can anticipate a narrative journey through real-life stories offering a peek into the resurgence of Black cowboy culture across music, art, fashion, and film today. Encompassing three parts, the series will air exclusively on Peacock.

A Continuation of Peele’s Epoch-Making Television Endeavors

Peele’s dive into television is not newly found. He notably hosted the 2019 reboot of The Twilight Zone for two years. This docuseries is yet another worthwhile addition to Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions that already boasts a collection of documentaries. A prime example of his cowboy-inspired work includes the recently released flick, Nope, available for streaming on Peacock.

Wrapping Up

This upcoming documentary marks another milestone in Jordan Peele’s remarkable career, and it certainly presents a captivating subject – Black cowboy culture. Although no release date has been confirmed yet for the series, viewers will be able to stream it exclusively on Peacock upon release. Meanwhile, for fans eager to get a taste of Peele’s work, Nope offers a fitting appetizer and can be streamed on HitPlay, allowing the audience to trace the thread of Peele’s fascination with cowboy themes.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

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