Maybe Florence Pugh is not in ‘Oppen-Homies’ Group Chat with Robert Downey Jr.

The star-studded cast of the Oscar-winning film “Oppenheimer” has remained in contact through a group chat humorously dubbed “Oppenhomies”. However, Florence Pugh, who impressed audiences with her portrayal of Jean Tatlock, a Communist Party member and love interest of J. Robert Oppenheimer, was unaware of the existence of this chat. Despite playing a critical role in the film, the British actress discovered this fact during an Oscars red carpet interview, causing quite a stir.

Pugh’s Character in ‘Oppenheimer’

In the notable biopic, Pugh played Jean Tatlock, a Communist Party member engaged in a clandestine affair with J. Robert Oppenheimer, the so-called “Father of the Atomic Bomb”. Her character reminded Oppenheimer of the dire consequences of his decisions. The character was particularly memorable due to the controversy surrounding Pugh’s nude scenes. However, her contribution to the film was much more profound than mere scandal. The role was significant, thus presumably warranting Pugh’s inclusion in the “Oppenhomies” group chat.

‘Oppenhomies’ Group Chat

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The existence of the “Oppenhomies” group chat was news to Pugh, who learned about it during an Oscars red carpet interview. She confirmed that she was part of a group chat with the cast but unaware that it was the ‘Oppenhomies’ chat. The question arises if there could be different chats for various members of the high-profile cast given its size.

The group chat served to preserve the camaraderie developed during filming. Robert Downey Jr., another member of the cast, referred to his colleagues as “Oppenhomies” during a cast Q&A and film screening at the Linwood Dunn Theater in Los Angeles.

Origin of the Group Chat

According to the film’s lead, Cillian Murphy, the moniker “Oppenhomies” was the creative concoction of co-star Olivia Thirlby. The group chat was initiated by Jack Quaid after finding himself stranded post-grocery shopping, as detailed by Page Six. The chat has also been used by the cast to arrange private parties, as was the case with Olli Haaskivi and Thirlby when they used the chat to organize an NYC celebration following ‘Oppenheimer’s’ release. Such gatherings only serve to strengthen their bond, long after the last reel was shot.

Wrapping Up

The quandary of Pugh’s chat status still lingers. Could she be part of a separate chat, or simply unaware that the chat she participated in goes by the name “Oppenhomies”? Regardless, it is evident that she remains connected to her fellow cast members. The film ‘Oppenheimer’, featuring Pugh and the rest of the “Oppenhomies”, is now available with your Peacock subscription. For more entertainment updates and insider news from Hollywood, don’t forget to visit HitPlay.

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