Critical Role Debuts New Podcast, Expanding Its Universe

The popular group known for their role-playing games and podcasts, Critical Role, is set to launch a new podcast titled “Re-Slayer’s Take”. The upcoming Actual Play podcast is set within the main campaign world of Exandria and will be a part of Beacon’s streaming service. This all-ages play series aims to cater to a broad audience, including newcomers to the genre and younger fans. The star-studded cast includes George Primavera and Nick Williams in the role of Game Masters, with Jasmine Bhullar, Jasper William Cartwright, Caroline Lux, and Jasmine Chiong as the players.

The Podcast and Its Format

Re-Slayer’s Take is a new initiative by Critical Role which aims to entertain fans with an engaging Actual Play podcast set in the world of Exandria. The format deviates from Critical Role’s typical long episodes and focuses on more accessible “bite-size” content. This series specifically targets a younger demographic and newcomers to the genre, all while maintaining a universal appeal. Utilizing the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition system, the podcast brings creative narratives and engaging adventures to life.

The Cast and Availability

Re-Slayer’s Take features George Primavera and Nick Williams, who bring their wealth of experience as Game Masters to the table. Players include Jasmine Bhullar, Jasper William Cartwright, Caroline Lux, and Jasmine Chiong, who all lend their unique voices and creative energies to the series. Beacon subscribers will be privileged with early access to the episodes. The podcast will be widely accessible on all podcast platforms from May 20th.

About Re-Slayer’s Take

The adventure in Re-Slayer’s Take follows the journey of six misunderstood and rejected mercenaries who come together to form their own elite monster hunting group, The Re-Slayer’s Take, after being turned away from the illustrious Slayer’s Take. Their adventures take them across the harsh landscapes of Issylra battling supernatural foes. The heroes of the series, Idrin, Farah, Heera, Frog, Timpani, and Poogs, must unite their strengths and skills to triumph over the grim scourge of The Timberblight and its undead army. The podcast also features guest appearances, including Hero Club joining the cast.

Wrapping Up

The launch of Re-Slayer’s Take presents promising entertainment for both new and veteran fans of Critical Role. With its unique and captivating approach, this new podcast promises to add a fresh layer to Exandria’s stories while being readily accessible and appealing to all ages. To stay updated on the latest narratives and releases, head over to

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