Welcome to Wrexham: Prince William’s Ties Extend Beyond Wales

‘Welcome to Wrexham’ Has a Surprising Connection to Prince William — and It Goes Way Beyond Wales
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Welcome to Wrexham has a significant connection to Prince William, extending beyond the borders of Wales. This link was highlighted during Prince William’s visit to Wrexham AFC on St. David’s Day.

Prince William’s Visit to Wrexham

Prince William visited Wrexham on St. David’s Day, March 1, a national holiday in Wales. This visit was documented in the FX series Welcome to Wrexham, where Wrexham AFC executive director Humphrey Ker noted, “Prince William is here in Wrexham today because it is St. David’s Day, which is obviously the Welsh, sort of, national holiday. Only we don’t get the day off St. David’s Day, which is a bit of a swiz.”

Meeting with Wrexham AFC’s Chairmen

During his visit, Prince William met with Wrexham AFC cochairman Rob McElhenney at The Turf pub. Ker elaborated on the significance of the visit, stating, “As Prince of Wales, Prince William has gotta come and press the flesh, kiss babies and do all that sort of business that princes do. For us, it’s great that Wrexham Football Club and Wrexham as a whole has become a place the royals put on their itinerary when they’re coming to visit Wales.”

Prince William and Humphrey Ker’s Shared History

The episode revealed that Ker and Prince William share a personal history, having both attended Ludgrove School and Eton College. As they shook hands, the Prince of Wales remarked it had “been a while” since they last saw each other. Ker added in his confessional, “I went to school with Prince William. I have known him since I was 7, or something like that. We literally shared a bedroom from 7 until 10.”

‘Welcome to Wrexham’ Has a Surprising Connection to Prince William — and It Goes Way Beyond Wales
Rob McElhenney and Prince William. Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Royals and Wrexham AFC

In an engaging discussion with McElhenney and Ker, Prince William praised their efforts with Wrexham AFC. “Has the journey been as exciting as it looks on the outside?” he asked McElhenney. “It’s great what you guys are doing, it really is.” McElhenney responded, saying the team has “exceeded anything we could have ever imagined.” William added, “You give so many football fans, whose team maybe is not in the glory days that they want to be or used to be, the hope and the optimism that one day you can be back.” The trio enjoyed pulling beers and taking shots together at the pub.

Royal Visits to Wrexham

Prince William is not the first royal to visit Wrexham. The premiere of Welcome to Wrexham season 2 in September 2023 featured McElhenney and his cochairman Ryan Reynolds attending a “monarchy boot camp” prior to meeting King Charles III. Reynolds humorously commented, “It was like the military except your pinky is always up.”

New Episodes

New episodes of Welcome to Wrexham premiere on FX Thursdays, providing an inside look at the football club and its royal connections.

Wrapping Up

Prince William’s visit to Wrexham highlights the deep connections between the royal family and the community. For more engaging content, visit HitPlay.

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