Failed Star Wars Hotel Could Appear in The Acolyte Series

Disney’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, a Star Wars-themed hotel, faced high criticism for its substantial admission prices and overall reception, leading to its closure after only 18 months. Despite some positive feedback from attendees, general public sentiment remained negative.

A detailed video by YouTuber Jenny Nicholson titled The Spectacular Failure of the Star Wars Hotel has reignited interest in the Galactic Starcruiser’s problematic history. Nicholson’s four-hour video dives deep into the hotel’s issues and her own experience, making it a trending topic. Though the hotel is closed, the ship named The Halcyon could still appear in Star Wars productions like the upcoming Disney+ series, The Acolyte.

What Was The Halcyon in Star Wars Lore?

The Halcyon was the in-universe name of the Star Wars-themed hotel. This luxury starcruiser featured lounges, a house band, and other cruise-ship elements, all with a Star Wars twist. This vessel, part of the High Republic, was over 300 years old within the storyline, celebrating its 275th-anniversary trip during the events set between The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker.

To create a more luxurious experience, Disney Imagineers opted for a High Republic design, aligning with a Star Wars publishing initiative that started in 2021. This era precedes The Phantom Menace and complements the hotel’s decor.

How Could The Halcyon Appear in The Acolyte?

Given The Acolyte introduces the High Republic era in live-action, featuring the Halcyon would be seamless. The series takes place about 100 years before The Phantom Menace, a period during which the Halcyon would be relatively new. A scene or episode set on the ship could provide an enclosed setting ideal for a mystery storyline, fitting well with the series narrative.

The Halycon Could Appear in Other Star Wars Projects

Despite the unlikelihood of the Halcyon appearing in The Acolyte due to production times, it can still feature in other projects. The ship had been included in various Star Wars comics and books aimed at promoting the hotel. Now, using it feels like showcasing an underexplored location.

The upcoming The Mandalorian & Grogu film set for a 2026 release could incorporate the Halcyon. With the existing set design from the hotel, it would be practical and add a fascinating setting. The film production could leverage this unused space to add depth to its storyline.

The newly announced movie focused on Daisy Ridley’s Rey offers another venue for the Halcyon’s return. Given that Rey had a mission on the Starcruiser before The Rise of Skywalker, referencing the Halcyon in this new film could tie in well with existing storylines.

Wrapping Up

Star Wars: The Galactic Starcruiser struggled due to high costs and poor reception. However, elements of it, like the Halcyon, could be repurposed in future Star Wars media, potentially salvaging its legacy. The upcoming series and films provide opportunities to give this unique part of Star Wars lore new life. Look for The Acolyte streaming on Disney+ on June 4, 2024.

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