Dennis Quaid Cast in Sci-Fi Drama ‘This Blue Is Mine’

Dennis Quaid is set to join the cast of HanWay Films’ upcoming psychosexual sci-fi drama, This Blue Is Mine. This feature explores the intriguing narrative of a woman entangled in grief and unnaturally drawn to her father’s enigmatic new girlfriend – who may be an extraterrestrial.

According to Variety Quaid is expected to portray a wealthy and carefree character in the film. Quaid will co-star alongside distinguished actors Zazie Beetz and Elizabeth Debicki. Apart from enhancing his acting portfolio, Quaid turned heads at the 77th Cannes Film Festival during the global premiere of The Substance, a body horror film in which he featured alongside Demi Moore and Margaret Qualley.

HanWay Films’ CEO Gabrielle Stewart expressed her enthusiasm for Quaid joining the cast, applauding his talent and his recent success at the Cannes Film Festival.

Anticipations from This Blue Is Mine

This Blue Is Mine will be brought to the fore by Brazilian director Iuli Gerbase, best known for her work on The Pink Cloud. Apart from playing a leading role, Zazie Beetz is also an executive producer for the film. Production companies Kamala Films, led by Marissa McMahon and Ashley Schlaifer, will handle the film’s financing. Atomic Honey’s Chelsea Ellis Bloch and Marisol Roncali will supervise the project, while HanWay Films will manage international sales. The shooting is scheduled to commence in Colombia in August and September.

The setting of This Blue Is Mine is a family vacation at a tropical resort. Arthur, a bon vivant, triggers intrigue by introducing his beautiful and mysterious new girlfriend, Ivy, performed by Debicki. Her entry obstructs the delicate balance existing within Arthur and his daughters as the narrative unfolds. Viewers will be left to question Ivy’s claim of being an alien, or whether it’s an illusion formed within Connie’s mind, played by Beetz.

Wrapping Up

The anticipation for This Blue Is Mine continues to grow with the addition of seasoned actor Dennis Quaid to an already star-studded cast. Cinema enthusiasts can look forward to an intriguing blend of family drama and extraterrestrial suspense in this unique mix of genres, inviting everyone to follow the production’s journey. Stay updated on the latest news about your favorite films on HitPlay.

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