Dakota Fanning Reveals Sweet Way She and Tom Cruise Stay in Touch

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Dakota Fanning and Tom Cruise starred together in the alien invasion movie War of the Worlds back in 2005. Though it has been years since the former child star worked with Cruise, she notes that he continues to be “so thoughtful” and has maintained their connection over the years.

The Mission: Impossible star has stayed in touch with Dakota Fanning, consistently sending her birthday presents. Fanning revealed to ET during the New York City premiere of her thriller The Watchers that Cruise gave her her first cellphone when she was 11 and has remembered to send her gifts every year since then.

He always sends me something every year. He gave me my first cellphone when I was 11 years old. That was my first gift from him and he’s remembered it every year since then.

In a Harper’s Bazaar TikTok interview, Fanning shared that Cruise gave her a Motorola Razr for her 11th birthday and has continued the tradition annually. Even for her 30th birthday, which she celebrated in February, Cruise sent her a gift, further showing his enduring generosity.

War of the Worlds, one of the standout movies of the 2000s, is noted for its strong theme of family. Tom Cruise’s character, Ray, starts as an estranged father and must prove his parenting skills during an alien invasion.

Cruise and Fanning’s father/daughter dynamic in War of the Worlds featured many memorable moments that likely strengthened their bond off-screen. Scenes where Ray protects his daughter and sings her to sleep highlighted their connection, making the film a standout in Steven Spielberg’s filmography.

Fanning also maintains friendships with other co-stars, including Denzel Washington. After starring together in 2004’s Man on Fire, they reunited for The Equalizer 3. Similarly, her friendship with Tom Cruise has persisted over the years, as Cruise continues to show his thoughtfulness.

I always am like, ‘Maybe when I’m 18?’ Like that would be a normal place, you know what I mean? Or, like, 21 or whatever. And then he said a few years ago that he likes sort of that moment of checking in like once a year. It’s so thoughtful, and I really appreciate it.

Cruise’s dedication to keeping in touch with Fanning is reminiscent of a father-daughter relationship. A potential film reunion featuring these two talents would surely excite fans eager to see their chemistry on-screen again.

Wrapping Up

Dakota Fanning appreciates Tom Cruise’s thoughtful gestures, as he continues to send her birthday gifts long after their work together. Their enduring friendship showcases the powerful bond formed on the set of War of the Worlds. Stream the movie on Paramount+ and look out for Fanning’s upcoming release, The Watchers, in theaters on June 7th, 2024.

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