Below Deck Med’s Aesha Teases The Traitors’ Trishelle, Ellie’s OnlyFans

Fans of Below Deck Mediterranean were treated to a humorous segment during the Monday, July 1, episode, as Aesha Scott discussed her unfamiliarity with The Traitors star Trishelle Cannatella and made a light-hearted joke about costar Ellie Dubaich’s OnlyFans career.

Aesha Scott’s Amusing Confession

In a supersized episode, Aesha Scott faced multiple challenges including a hospital visit due to an injury, stews Ellie Dubaich and Bri Muller clashing over a romantic interest, and issues in the kitchen. Despite these hurdles, Aesha found humor in the situation.

During a preference sheet meeting with Captain Sandy Yawn, bosun Iain Maclean, and Chef Johnathan Shillingford, Captain Sandy mentioned several notable guests including Trishelle from The Real World, The Challenge, and season 2 of The Traitors, along with Marsha Doll and Brittany Brower from America’s Next Top Model. Sandy advised, “You may have seen Trishelle, Brittany and Marsha on TV but just don’t fan out.” Aesha humorously responded, “I can’t fangirl if I don’t know them.”

Personal Perspectives on Starstruck Moments

During a confessional, Aesha admitted her lack of television watching habits made it unlikely for her to recognize the guests. As the crew prepared for a fashion show, frustration arose when Ellie took extra time to get ready. Aesha commented, “We are supposed to be at work. And then Ellie has to go and take 50 billion years to get ready. It is like, ‘Ellie, delivering to the guests and getting our job done comes before your f—king OnlyFans career.'”

Understanding OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform allowing creators to charge for content, often featuring partially or fully nude material. Users can share adult content either freely or for a fee.

Ellie’s OnlyFans Career and Crew Drama

After appearing on a previous season of Below Deck Med, Ellie joined OnlyFans, feeling liberated by the platform. In May 2023, she told the Daily Star, “I’m kind of keeping it relatively PG on my wall [with] lingerie type of, like, insinuated sexuality type of stuff.”

Ellie returned for season 9 and quickly became involved in a love triangle with Bri Muller and Joe Bradley. The July 1 episode escalated tensions when Ellie expressed interest in Joe, who later shared a kiss with Bri in a hot tub. Bri then slept on Joe’s floor to avoid awkwardness with Ellie.

Ellie shared with Us Weekly that she blamed Joe more for the situation. Despite some initial miscommunication, she realized Joe might have been leading both parties. Ellie stated, “Things are about to get messy. If the viewers think they’ve already seen the biggest drama you have, this biscuit has not even hit the oven yet.”

Wrapping Up

Below Deck Mediterranean season 9 airs on Bravo Mondays at 9 p.m. ET, with new episodes streaming the next day on Peacock.

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