Kevin Costner Explains Desire for ‘Western Horizon’ in Theaters

Kevin Costner is taking a firm stand against the growing trend of digital movie distribution by choosing to release his latest film series, Horizon: An American Saga, exclusively in theaters. Following its screening at the Cannes Film Festival, Costner has opted for a theatrical release despite the increasing dominance of streaming platforms. He believes the immersive experience of a movie theater is crucial for the film, a sentiment he expressed to Empire.

The Theatrical Release Decision

Costner’s western epic Horizon: An American Saga is set during the Civil War, following families seeking new lives in the American West. Costner emphasizes that the film’s broad scale and gorgeous cinematography are elements best experienced in a theater. He stands firm in his decision despite some industry pushback, stating, “I believe in the big screen. I believe in that experience. The movie I make is the director’s cut.”

I had somebody who said, ‘Look, please don’t do this, Kevin, let’s do this.’ But I’m glad about what I’m doing. I believe in the big screen. I believe in that experience. I also believe in what will come to your television. You know, I’m not one of those guys that has a director’s cut. The fucking movie I make is the director’s cut.

Film Release Strategy

Horizon consists of three films, with the first two set to debut this summer and the third in the works. The plan relies on audiences returning to theaters for consecutive releases, a risky strategy in the current digital-centric market. Costner is banking on the draw of a theatrical experience to attract audiences back to cinemas.

Support from Industry Peers

Costner is not alone in his preference for theatrical releases. Directors like Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino have long advocated for this format. Similarly, Jennifer Lawrence pushed for her film No Hard Feelings to hit theaters, and Glen Powell’s Hit Man and Anne Hathaway’s The Idea of You were also considered better suited for theatrical releases.

Potential Audience Appeal

Costner hopes to attract fans of his popular series Yellowstone to Horizon. The western TV series has garnered a significant following, and the actor hopes that the similar old-school western appeal of Horizon will draw the same enthusiasm. The trailer suggests a traditional movie experience that could appeal to nostalgic audiences.

Wrapping Up

You can catch Kevin Costner’s Horizon: An American Saga – Part One exclusively in theaters on June 28, with Part Two following on August 16. For more details on upcoming theater releases, visit our 2024 movie release schedule.

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