Barbie first full trailer and soundtrack bring the doll IRL

UPDATE: First clip from Barbie has dropped bringing a new poster as well!

Indie cinema’s darling Greta Gerwig, known for the acclaimed adaptation of Little Women, reaches new heights with her latest directorial venture, Barbie.

In this project, Gerwig takes on the challenge of portraying an emblematic, global brand in her unique style. Warner Bros has recently unveiled the film’s first full-length trailer, set to release in July, which provides a deeper glimpse into the plot involving Margot Robbie’s Barbie and Ryan Gosling’s Ken navigating their way through the real world.

Gerwig’s work on Barbie was heavily influenced by classics like The Red Shoes and The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, as confirmed in a recent Vogue cover story.

The director, who co-wrote the film with Noah Baumbach, hosted Sunday morning screenings of these cinematic gems for her cast and crew, fondly referred to as “movie church.”

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Reflecting on her inspiration, Gerwig comments on the “authentic artificiality” seen in Technicolor musicals. “You have a painted sky in a soundstage.

Which is an illusion, but it’s also really there. The painted backdrop is really there,” she muses. This tangible artifice was a motif they kept returning to, lending an authentic charm to the world Barbie and Ken inhabit in Gerwig’s much-anticipated rendition of the beloved characters.

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