Reality Stars Seek Escape from Strict NBC, Bravo NDAs

NBCUniversal in Legal Crosshairs Over Reality Shows

Legal tensions are escalating between entertainment conglomerate NBCUniversal and an unspecified number of employees from its unscripted reality shows.

NBCUniversal Receives Legal Notice

On Sunday, NBCUniversal found another forceful letter from lawyers representing its cast and crew in its mailbag. The missive, according to TMZ, demanded the rights of these employees to freely discuss any instances of troubling behavior they might have witnessed or experienced. The correspondence from lawyer Bryan Freedman called on NBCUniversal to openly relinquish its employees from stringent non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that allegedly contravene California law.

Demanding Release from NDAs

“We demand that NBCUniversal inform all of its unscripted employees and contractors and those affiliated with its third party production partners, including Evolution Media, that they are all hereby released from any contractual provisions that interfere with their ability to freely disclose unlawful conduct in the workplace,” said the notice.

Freedman referenced the California Government Code 12964.5 in his notice, which prohibits employers from obliging employees to sign an agreement that prevents them from disclosing unlawful acts at the workplace.

Allegations Against Production Partners

The letter named NBCUniversal’s production partners such as Evolution Media, known for producing Bravo’s *Vanderpump Rules* and *The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills*. These entities have allegedly enforced the controversial NDAs effectively, preventing whistleblowing about violation of “civil and criminal laws”.

Furthermore, the document claimed collective noncompliance with the law had silenced numerous individuals who experienced or witnessed unlawful conduct, including instances of racism, sexism, sexual violence, and other forms of abuse.

Previous Allegations Against NBCU

On Aug. 3, NBCU received a separate letter accusing the conglomerate of notorious and disgraceful treatment of their unscripted reality shows, including the refusal to provide mental health services to its reality stars.

As investigations into these anonymous allegations progress, former *Real Housewives of New York* star Bethenny Frankel has advocated for reality TV stars to form a union due to recent labor strikes and union forming efforts in the entertainment industry.

NBCUniversal’s Response

In response to previous notices, NBCUniversal maintained its commitment to maintaining a safe and respectful workplace for its reality shows’ cast and crew, reported *The Hollywood Reporter*. The company stated it takes appropriate action including investigations and support when issues arise.

However, NBCU has yet to publicly respond to the latest letter.

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