Emily Blunt Wanted to Throw Up After Kissing Certain Actors

Emily Blunt made an appearance on “The Howard Stern Show” (via People), where she candidly discussed the challenges of building on-screen chemistry with some co-stars. Over the years, Blunt has worked alongside notable leading men like Matt Damon (“The Adjustment Bureau”), Tom Cruise (“Edge of Tomorrow”), Dwayne Johnson (“Jungle Cruise”), Ryan Gosling (“The Fall Guy”), and Cillian Murphy (“Oppenheimer”).

During the interview, Howard Stern directly asked Blunt if she ever felt like throwing up after kissing certain actors during filming. Blunt didn’t shy away from her feelings: “Absolutely. Absolutely.” She added, “I wouldn’t say it’s sort of extreme loathing, but I’ve definitely not enjoyed some of it.”

While Blunt chose not to name specific co-stars she couldn’t connect with, she admitted that faking chemistry on-screen can sometimes be challenging. “I have had chemistry with people who… I have not had a good time working with them,” she shared. Despite this, she understands that on-screen chemistry is unpredictable: “Chemistry is this strange thing. It’s an ethereal thing that you can’t really bottle up and buy or sell. It’s like there or it’s not… It’s just easier when you have a natural rapport with someone.”

Having been in the industry for decades, Blunt has developed a formula for establishing a connection with her co-stars, no matter how forced it may feel. “I’ve got to find something I love about everybody. I have to find something … Even if it’s one thing,” she said. “It might be that they have a nice laugh or I like how they speak to people. They’re polite. I mean, it might be something random. But find something you love about that person or something you love about them as the character and then kind of lean into that.”

Blunt’s candidness reflects her deep understanding of the craft, as she recognizes the complexities of on-screen relationships. She earned an Oscar nomination earlier this year for her role in Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer,” which took home the Academy Award for Best Picture. Currently, Blunt can be seen on the big screen in Universal Pictures’ action romance “The Fall Guy,” where she stars alongside Ryan Gosling.

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