Elizabeth Chambers and Costars Speak Out on Armie Hammer’s ‘Grand Cayman’ Role

Elizabeth Chambers, along with her co-stars from Freeform’s “Grand Cayman: Secrets in Paradise,” frequently referenced her ex-husband, actor Armie Hammer. The show debuted in April, focusing on the lives of wealthy locals and newcomers to the Cayman Islands. As both a central cast member and producer of the show, Chambers offers viewers her personal perspective.

She shared in an interview with US Weekly, “I moved here with my husband and children three years ago. But things have changed since then.” She went on to reflect on what she calls the “Cayman Curse,” which is when a couple relocates to the island and subsequently parts ways—a scenario that fits Chambers and Hammer’s narrative. The couple began dating in 2008, married two years later, and announced their separation and intended divorce in July 2020. Their divorce was finalized three years after the initial announcement.

Complicating matters were the allegations against Hammer in 2021. Several women accused him of sending sexually explicit and violent messages, including fantasies of rape and cannibalism. There were also accusations of sexual assault, which Hammer’s lawyers denied. In June 2023, following a two-year investigation, the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office confirmed they would not pursue the sexual assault charges. Chambers expressed her shock and devastation when the scandal broke and promised to listen and educate herself about the allegations.

The reality series “Grand Cayman: Secrets in Paradise” frequently addressed the allegations against Hammer. Hammer himself issued an apology to Chambers for his past behavior in February 2023, but has not commented on the show.

In an episode of the series, fellow cast member Cass Lacelle offered her perspective on Chambers’ handling of the scandal. Lacelle claimed that Chambers was attempting to maintain a public image of the ideal American woman. Another cast member, Courtney McTaggart, also claimed that she had been unfairly accused of being romantically involved with Hammer before his separation from Chambers.

Reacting to Hammer’s tell-all interview, McTaggart stated, “Armie Hammer just broke his silence. In this article, Elizabeth looks like a psycho. It is talking about how Elizabeth has these fake emails to harass people. It is all in here.”

Amid the controversy, Chambers remained focused on her children and refused to engage in the drama. She simply stated, “Ultimately only I know the truth. I am not f—king playing that game. I lived it, I know it. I know the truth. So at the end of the day, unless you were there you don’t know.”

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