Did the world run out of pink paint because of Barbie? Let’s dive in

As the time-honored adage amongst Barbie aficionados goes, “life in plastic, it’s fantastic.” And one could add, phenomenally pink.

In an intriguing turn of events, the creators of the much-anticipated live-action ‘Barbie’ movie claim they exhausted the global stock of a specific shade of pink from one company.

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Sarah Greenwood, the production designer, declared to Architectural Digest recently, “The world ran out of pink.” The construction of the expansive, blush-tinged Barbie universe — located at Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden, England — was the catalyst for an international pink frenzy, specifically for a vibrant shade of Rosco paint.

Recognized for their role in providing the entertainment sector with resources like scenic paints, color filters, and other specialized equipment — including screen-specific tints — Rosco is now offering a broader perspective on Greenwood’s assertion.

Rosco’s Vice President of Global Marketing, Lauren Proud, clarified to the Los Angeles Times that “they used as much paint as we had.” However, she pointed out that their supply was already limited during the 2022 film production.

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The company was grappling with the aftermath of pandemic-driven supply chain disruptions and recovering from the 2021 Texas freeze that damaged vital raw materials.

According to Henry Cowen, Rosco’s Live Entertainment division’s national sales manager, the freeze affected their vast gallons of inventory and the machinery needed to restock. Yet, Proud attests that Rosco did its utmost to meet the demand.

“We gave them everything we could amidst this shortage — I’m unsure they can take credit,” Proud expressed, before confessing, “They did indeed deplete our paint supply.”

It’s no mystery where all the paint ended up.

The film’s main trailer showcases an extravagant real-life rendition of Barbie’s emblematic three-story Dreamhouse (replete with a walk-in closet and a kidney-shaped pool featuring a whimsical slide), her signature Corvette convertible, and an idyllic beach town of circles and storefronts — all drenched in vibrant pink.

Director Greta Gerwig pursued an ethos of “authentic artificiality” for the entire set, emphasizing to Architectural Digest that “maintaining the ‘kid-ness’ was paramount.”

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“I aimed for the pinks to be blindingly bright, and everything to be almost overwhelmingly vivid,” Gerwig stated.

Soon enough, audiences will have the opportunity to judge for themselves, as the film — crafted to appeal to both Barbie enthusiasts and critics — is set to illuminate cinema screens on July 21.

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