Taylor Swift Fans Exit Eras Tour for ‘The Alchemy’ Recording

American pop star, Taylor Swift, stirred speculation among her fans during her recent ‘Eras Tour’ concert in Lisbon, Portugal. The 34-year-old singer switched up her post-show playlist, replacing the 2022 ‘Midnight’ track “You’re On Your Own, Kid” with “The Alchemy”. This alteration led fans to speculate that the song change was a symbolic nod to her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, as “The Alchemy” is regarded as a tribute to their relationship.

Taylor Swift’s Prominent Setlist Change: “The Alchemy”

On Friday, May 24, Swift’s fans experienced a surprise as they left the concert in Lisbon. Instead of the expected “You’re On Your Own, Kid”, “The Alchemy” echoed through the stadium speakers. Swift recently released “The Alchemy” on her latest album ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ (TTPD), leading fans to hypothesize that the song’s protagonist is Kelce.

The lyrics of “The Alchemy” are laced with references to football, “So when I touch down / Call the amateurs and cut ’em from the team”, implying a connection to Kelce, a professional football player. Swift’s relationship with Kelce, also 34 and a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, has been public since the summer of 2023.

Swift’s Public Displays of Affection with Kelce

The pop star has shown her support for Kelce’s team during multiple games. She was spotted at 13 Chiefs games in September 2023, marking both the start of their public relationship and her dive into the world of football. Swift also celebrated Kelce’s Super Bowl victory in February by giving him a kiss on the field.

Exploring the Swift-Kelce Relationship through Her Music

Swift’s relationship with Kelce continues to serve as an inspiration for her music. The song “The Alchemy” was featured as a surprise on her ‘Eras Tour’ setlist in Paris. The acoustic rendition of the song was mashed up with “Treacherous”, a personal favorite of Kelce, who was present in the crowd. Fans believe that a combination of the song choice, the lights flashing red and gold (the colors of the Chiefs and her ‘1989’ and ‘Evermore’ album themes), and her performance attire represented another heartfelt dedication to Kelce.

Kelce’s Support for Swift and Future Plans

Kelce has been an outspoken supporter of Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’. According to an interview with Us Weekly, Kelce earmarked “The Alchemy” as one of his Top 3 favorite songs from Swift’s discography. He also named “So High School”, a ‘TTPD’ track rumoured to describe their love story, and the popular hit, “Blank Space”.

The football player is in his offseason from the NFL, which allows him to have a flexible schedule. He has expressed his intention to attend as many of Swift’s European concerts as his schedule permits to lend his support.

Wrapping up

The romantic undertones in Taylor Swift’s “The Alchemy” and her public support for boyfriend Travis Kelce’s professional career indicate the depth of their bond. Whether on stage or on the field, these two celebrities continue to publicly embrace their relationship. For more engaging content about your favorite artists, visit HitPlay.

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