‘And Just Like That…’ recap: Carrie reunites with Aidan after 13 years

Carrie encounters an old flame, while Miranda experiences the unpredictable world of dating, and Charlotte goes on an unexpected trip

Spoiler Alert: The following includes key events from the seventh episode of season 2 of Max’s ‘And Just Like That…’

This week on ‘And Just Like That…‘ we find our favorite New York ladies grappling with the complexities of love. After reaching out to Aidan in the previous episode, Carrie finally reconnects with him, while Miranda embarks on a disastrous date and Charlotte is caught off guard by a ‘special’ brownie.

A Date for Valentine’s Day

Over lunch, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) shares the news with Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) that Aidan (John Corbett) is visiting New York City for a business meeting and has invited her to dinner. Coincidentally, this dinner falls on Valentine’s Day, sparking speculation about Aidan’s relationship status among the trio.

“Is Aidan aware that our dinner falls on Valentine’s Day, and if so, is he single?” becomes the main focus of their conversation, sending Charlotte into overthinking mode.

Miranda’s Dating Dilemma

Switching gears to Miranda, post her breakup with Che (Sara Ramírez), she grapples with understanding her own attraction, whether it’s solely towards women or more broadly based. After exploring a host of LGBTQIA dating sites, she bumps into Amelia (Miriam Shor), an audiobook narrator she greatly admires.

An immediate spark leads to an invitation for a private dinner at Amelia’s place. Unfortunately, reality doesn’t quite live up to Miranda’s expectations. Amelia’s cluttered, equipment-filled apartment and unexpected domestic needs make for a far from ideal romantic setting. Despite a change in her personal identity, Miranda quickly realizes that the chaos of dating remains the same.

Charlotte’s Unexpected Journey

Meanwhile, an innocent mistake sees Charlotte accidentally ingesting a pot brownie. The ensuing trip confuses her husband, Harry (Evan Handler), who rushes her to the hospital mistaking her high for a heart attack.

The scare provides Charlotte a moment of self-reflection. In her rush to fulfill roles for others, she realizes she has lost herself. This spurs her to reconsider a previously declined job offer at a gallery, saying, “I need to get back to me.”

Rekindling the Old Flame

The highlight of the episode, however, is the much-anticipated Valentine’s Day dinner between Carrie and Aidan. Their reunion after 13 years is almost derailed by a mix-up with the restaurant location. Yet, once reunited, their enduring chemistry is palpable, leading to a shared taxi ride back to Carrie’s apartment.

The weight of their past, however, halts Aidan at her door, where he is reminded of their failed relationship and the emotional walls he could not break down. He declares, “I’m never going in there again.”

In a twist, he makes a U-turn, deciding to opt for a hotel instead, and the two share a passionate kiss. As Carrie narrates, “And just like that, Aidan and I were back on the same page.”

‘And Just Like That…’ continues to unravel with new episodes releasing every Thursday on Max.

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