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Our expert TV and film team presents the top ten streaming picks for you to add to your watchlist each week. While this list is not strictly curated based on reviews or accumulated streaming views, we consider it crucial to highlight those selections that truly stand out on the ever-evolving digital platform. Given the multitude of choices available and the value of your time, our list is designed to help guide your viewing experience.

10. 3 Body Problem (Netflix Series)

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, creators of Game of Thrones, return with the multi-season series 3 Body Problem. Adapted from a highly acclaimed novel, the series explores humanity’s first encounter with extraterrestrial beings. It delves into the philosophical, ethical, and societal impacts of this contact, set against a backdrop of cosmic scale and mystery. The narrative promises a blend of science fiction and intense human drama, posing profound questions about existence and human nature. 3 Body Problem reflects Benioff and Weiss’s knack for crafting expansive, thought-provoking stories, now extending into the realm of interstellar intrigue and conflict.

9. Palm Royale (Apple TV+ Series)

Apple TV+ introduces Palm Royale, a new series inspired by Juliet McDaniel’s Mr. and Mrs. American Pie. Set against the opulent backdrop of Palm Beach, the show charts a woman’s ambitious quest to penetrate the elite social circles of this exclusive enclave. Palm Royale captures the intrigue and drama of high society, offering a fresh narrative that contrasts sharply with the ensemble dynamics of HBO’s The White Lotus. This series promises a blend of humor and social commentary, appealing to viewers fascinated by the lifestyles of the rich and aspirational.

8. Sugar (Apple TV+ Series)

Colin Farrell takes on the role of John Sugar, a private detective, in the captivating Apple TV+ series named after his character. In this thrilling narrative, Sugar delves into a web of family secrets and a perplexing disappearance, all while grappling with his own internal struggles. The series blends elements of mystery and drama, showcasing Farrell’s deep dive into the complexities of his character’s troubled past. John Sugar promises to engage audiences with its intricate plot and the emotional depth of its lead character’s journey.

7. Poor Things (Searchlight Pictures Film Streaming on Hulu)

Poor Things, the latest film from Searchlight Pictures, is making waves on Hulu, buoyed by an Oscar-winning performance from Emma Stone. This cinematic offering showcases Stone in a standout role that highlights her range and depth as an actress. The film has captured the attention of audiences with its unique storyline and compelling characters, solidifying its place as a trending topic. Poor Things is a testament to the creative storytelling and exceptional performances that continue to define Searchlight Pictures’ contributions to cinema.

6. Scoop (Netflix Film)

Netflix’s biographic Scoop delves into the intricate process behind the BBC’s Newsnight securing a controversial interview with Prince Andrew. Directed by Philip Martin, the film stars Gillian Anderson as Emily Maitlis, Billie Piper as Sam McAlister, and Rufus Sewell as Prince Andrew. The narrative focuses on the efforts of the Newsnight team to arrange the interview amidst the fallout from Prince Andrew’s connections to Jeffrey Epstein. The film offers a behind-the-scenes look at the journalistic tenacity required to land such a high-profile and sensitive interview, exploring themes of power and media influence within the context of a major royal scandal​.

5. Shōgun (FX Series Streaming on Hulu)

The FX series Shōgun, now streaming on Hulu, is stirring interest with its enthralling narrative. Despite the show’s uncertain future, it has garnered promising ratings since its launch. Shōgun is set in a richly depicted historical context, offering a deep dive into cultural conflicts and power struggles. This series blends historical authenticity with dramatic storytelling, capturing the attention of a broad audience. Its performance in upcoming episodes may well determine its longevity, but for now, Shōgun remains a compelling watch that has both critics and viewers eagerly anticipating its fate.

4. Road House (Amazon Prime Film)

The classic Road House has been reimagined for modern audiences, with Jake Gyllenhaal stepping into the iconic role of the central bouncer. Now available on Amazon Prime, this updated version breathes new life into the beloved storyline, blending classic toughness with contemporary flair. Gyllenhaal’s performance adds a fresh depth to the character, attracting both new viewers and fans of the original film. This reboot maintains the original’s spirit while introducing new dynamics and challenges, making it a must-watch for those who appreciate a good action-packed drama with a strong lead.

3. Ripley (Netflix Series)

Netflix’s series Ripley features Andrew Scott reprising the role of Tom Ripley, a character previously portrayed by Matt Damon in the film The Talented Mr. Ripley. This adaptation, also based on Patricia Highsmith’s novels, is penned and directed by Steven Zaillian. The series sets its narrative in the early 1960s, following Ripley as he navigates complex social and moral landscapes while engaging in deceit and manipulation. Unlike Damon’s younger portrayal, Scott’s Ripley is depicted as a seasoned individual immersed in a life of con artistry, adding a new layer of depth to the iconic character.

2. Parasyte: The Grey (Netflix Series)

Following the success of Squid Game, Netflix introduces Parasyte: The Grey, a live-action series adapted from the acclaimed manga. The series unfolds an eerie narrative where parasites fall from the sky, infiltrating human hosts to wreak havoc on Earth. This adaptation explores the chilling struggle between human survival and invasive entities seeking control, delving into themes of identity and morality interwoven with intense, suspenseful action.

1. Fallout (Amazon Prime Series)

The TV adaptation of the popular video game Fallout on Amazon Prime has been captivating audiences with its engaging blend of drama and comedy set in a post-apocalyptic world. Walton Goggins stars as “The Ghoul,” originally a Hollywood actor named Cooper Howard who survived the nuclear apocalypse and became a ghoul. The series is set two centuries after the apocalypse and follows various characters navigating the treacherous and often bizarre realities of the wasteland. This adaptation, developed by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy alongside Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner, creatively explores new narratives while staying true to the spirit of the Fallout game franchise.

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