‘Legally Blonde’ Prequel Series Confirmed: Quick Facts

The much-loved 2001 romantic comedy, “Legally Blonde,” is making a television comeback, according to reports released by Variety on May 14. A prequel series to the film is currently underway at Amazon Prime Video, inspiring many fans to rejoice with anticipation.

About the New ‘Legally Blonde’ TV Series

The upcoming prequel series, titled “Elle,” is the creation of Laura Kittrell, an alum of the hit show “Insecure.” The series plans to delve into the life of Elle Woods as she navigates her way through high school during the ’90s.

The character of Elle Woods first appeared in the iconic “Legally Blonde” film, where she won the hearts of viewers with her authentic and bold personality. The series aims to impart the life experiences that shaped her into the confident young woman she was in the original film.

Reese Witherspoon, the original Elle Woods, is reported to be involved with the project as an executive producer. In a statement, the actress expressed her excitement about the project and gratitude to the entire team at Prime Video and Hello Sunshine.

Release Date of the ‘Legally Blonde’ TV Series

While the series has received the official greenlight, Amazon MGM Studios have yet to announce any further details about its release. Much hinges on the completion of the script and casting process. However, it’s anticipated that the series will begin streaming by 2026.

Cast of the ‘Legally Blonde’ Prequel Series

Details about the cast are still under wraps. Speculations of the potential actor for the teenage Elle Woods range from budding talents to well-known names like Sabrina Carpenter. Reese Witherspoon, who immortalized the character of Elle Woods, had already been a notable teen star featuring in, ’90s movies like “Cruel Intentions,” “Election,” “Fear,” “Pleasantville,” among others, before “Legally Blonde” propelled her to further stardom.

‘Legally Blonde 3’ Development

In addition to the upcoming TV series, a third “Legally Blonde” film was previously announced. The project, which saw various cast members express their willingness to return and Mindy Kaling signing on as a writer, has been progressing slowly. Kaling, during a podcast appearance in September 2023, mentioned that the film’s progress was slower than expected due to a writers’ strike. The team intends to take their time to ensure that the film lives up to fans’ expectations.

‘Legally Blonde’ History

The “Legally Blonde” franchise first began with the 2001 film, which was a commercial success, followed by “Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde,” a direct-to-DVD spin-off called “Legally Blondes,” and a musical adaptation.

Wrapping Up

As Elle Woods proudly declares in the movie, “I’m legally blonde — and I can do anything”. It seems the same holds true for the film franchise, as it continues to inspire and entertain audiences more than two decades on. Eager fans can keep an eye out for the highly anticipated TV series set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video. For additional industry updates and streaming recommendations, check out https://hitplay.app.

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