Official Trailer #2 of “In a Violent Nature” is out

Introducing a thrilling saga that dives deep into the bowels of a vengeful spirit and the catastrophic collateral of a long-forgotten crime, we embark on a chilling journey that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Meet Johnny – a being resurrected from his untimely doom and raging with revenge, and a group of unsuspecting teens that just happen to cross his deadly path. In the race for life, every breath turns into a spine-chilling tale of horror, accumulating in a massacre triggered by an innocent crime committed six decades ago.

The Locket and the Fire Tower

Quietly tucked within the eerie silence of the woods, rests a collapsed fire tower. This is no ordinary ruin, for it hides within its rubble, a dark secret – the rotting remains of Johnny, a tormented spirit bound by a diabolical locket. When this locket is taken, it triggers the resurrection of the hell-bent spirit.

Johnny’s Resurgence

Driven by the unjust 60-years-old crime that had claimed his life, Johnny’s spirit roars back to life. His goal becomes single-minded – to retrieve his locket. The monstrous incarnation of Johnny transforms him into an undead golem – fierce, relentless, and thirsty for retribution.

The Unwitting Thieves

Enter the unsuspecting vacationing teens – ignorant of the heinous wrath they’ve just awakened. Unbeknownst to them, their curious theft has made them targets of a chilling chase. The relentless golem zeroes in on the terrified group, as they soon discover the price of their innocent rob.

A Blood-soaked Chase

With the stolen locket as the beacon, Johnny leaves a trail of bloody carnage in his wake. As the body count rises, the teens realize their impending doom unless they can somehow break the vengeful chain triggered by their intrusion. Risking their lives, they battle the unstoppable force of the gory past.

Wrapping Up

In a world where death might be the only way to escape the clutches of an undead spirit, will our teen group survive their horrific encounter? Or will they fall victim to the relentless pursuit of Johnny’s wrath to reclaim his lost relic? To follow their mesmerizing and horrific journey, join us on HitPlay.

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