Game of Thrones Creator Calls “Cope Harder” Reply Guys Whiny Little B*tches

He is right. They are. Or, you are, if all you do is go around the internet doing that. George R.R. Martin, renowned author of the critically-acclaimed A Song of Fire and Ice series, has recently unleashed a barrage of criticism against the toxicity that he perceives on social media. In a telling confession on his blog, Martin reveals that he is witnessing a problematic shift from civil, rational discourse around film and TV shows to rampant negativity and toxicity, largely driven by this era’s “anti-fans”.

Martin’s Take on a Challenging Year and the Future

In a post on his personal blog, the Fantasy maestro relayed his poignant feelings about the past year, dubbing it a “nightmare” on both personal and professional fronts. Extending his gaze to the future doesn’t seem too hopeful either, as he conveyed a grim forecast for the year 2024 with a startlingly frank admission: “2024 looks to be even worse.”

Martin Laments Growing Toxicity

While Martin finds solace in books, films, and even “chocolate thrones”, he observed an unfortunate trend of growing toxicity in these creative spheres due to the pervading influence of social media. The author mourned the diminishing joy of discussing our favorite books and films, as it has been replaced by social media being dominated by “anti-fans” that feed on disparaging work they dislike, rather than celebrating works they appreciate.

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A Respected Author and Show Producer

George R.R. Martin is celebrated for his work on the Song of Ice and Fire series, which has been adapted to the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones. He has also contributed as the co-creator and executive producer of the Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon.

What to Expect from House of the Dragon

According to Martin’s blog post in December, the second season of House of the Dragon has completed its filming and is slated for a summer premiere. While a renewal for the following seasons isn’t confirmed yet, Martin has hinted at planning sessions with showrunner Ryan Condal and his writing staff discussing potential plotlines for the third and fourth seasons of House of the Dragon.

Wrapping Up

While the world of social media harbors a concerning level of toxicity, creatives like George R.R. Martin continue to contribute to the world of literature and television despite their apprehensions. Despite the challenges, the stories we love continue to be told and adapted for the screen. To catch up on the latest news and reviews about your favorite shows, be sure to check out HitPlay.