Batman and Bugs Bunny Star in Animated Simulcast NHL Game

Fans of popular Warner Bros. and DC Comics characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Bugs Bunny are in for an unprecedented treat. In an exciting collaboration between Warner Bros. Discovery, TNT Sports, and the NHL, these animated heroes are hitting the ice for the first-ever live animated simulcast of a professional hockey game, according to THR.

Details of the Animated Sporting Event

The special game is a partnership between TNT Sports, the NHL, and Warner Bros. Games. Named the MultiVersus NHL Face-Off, it will be broadcasted on TruTV and streamed on the B/R Sports add-on for Max on April 14 at 3:30 p.m. Hockey fans can look forward to a thrilling match between the Colorado Avalanche and the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

A Star-Studded Animated Roster

Fans can expect an immersive animated presentation with an array of Warner Bros. and DC Comics characters playing on the teams. The line-up includes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman (all from DC), Velma and Shaggy (from Scooby Doo), Steven Universe and Finn the Human (from Adventure Time), and not forgetting Bugs Bunny. The Tasmanian Devil will play the role of the referee, adding to the fun.

Animation Meets Reality: An Innovative Gameplay

The animated characters will be playing alongside cartoon avatars of some of the top players from the Avalanche and Golden Knights. Games will be set in virtual environments from the MultiVersus game developed by WBD’s game studio. These include the Space Jam Court, Sky Arena and the Adventure Time Tree Fort. Fans can also look forward to the release of the MultiVersus game on May 28 which will showcase popular WB characters in an engaging fighting game set-up.

TNT’s Draft for Animated Teams

In a unique twist, TNT will be hosting a “draft” for the animated teams during the NFL postgame show on April 7. This will give fans an insight about the characters who will be playing in this unique game.

Game Commentary and Presentation

Steve Mears will be the voice behind the special simulcast of the game, with color commentary from Colby Armstrong. Besides the animated spectacle, the regular game without cartoon characters will also be available for fans on TNT and Max.

Trend of Animated Editions

The MultiVersus NHL Face-Off stands as testament to the trend of leagues partnering with media companies to offer unique versions of popular games. The NHL has previously worked on animated editions with Disney for the NHL Big City Greens Classic. Additionally, the NFL and Disney had a Toy Story-themed NFL game that streamed on Disney+.

The Future with TNT Sports

The MultiVersus NHL game marks the beginning of TNT Sports’ venture into this arena. The network is rebranding TruTV as a sports channel, with the aim of adding more simulcasts of its NHL, MLB and NBA games.

Ahead of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

This unique game event comes shortly before TNT’s coverage of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, set to begin on April 20. Fans can enjoy this as a precursor to the main tournament.

Experience the Animated Simulcast

To get a closer glimpse of what to expect from the animated simulcast, a preview video is available below.

Wrapping Up

The MultiVersus NHL Face-Off is a remarkable melding of animation and sports that brings together the best of Warner Bros. and NHL in a spectacular showdown. Whether you’re a fan of animated characters or professional sports, this game offers an unprecedented and exciting viewing experience. For more exciting updates and insights, be sure to check out HitPlay.

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