MultiVersus Announces Battle Pass Updates, Welcome Back Bonuses

The platform fighter game, MultiVersus, by developer Player First, has been through a series of testing phases over several months and is set to launch officially in one week. Based on the data collected through various test periods, several significant changes to the game, particularly involving its battle pass, have been made. In some of the most anticipated updates, the MultiVersus team announced that it is incorporating rollback netcode, improving the battle pass, and introducing new improvements.

About MultiVersus

MultiVersus has been undergoing several betas and test periods over recent months, working towards its imminent launch. Various testing phases have allowed the team to collect valuable data about the game’s inconsistencies, leading to several notable changes.

Changes to the Battle Pass

For the MultiVersus battle pass, there are several changes planned. The season 1 premium battle pass will be granted to everyone who previously played the game for free as a reward for their participation in the various betas. These players will also get Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th for free, along with several other cosmetic rewards, including the Banana Guard announcer pack.

New Additions

Once launched, players can unlock Banana Guard from Adventure Time after logging in for three days. First Player Games is evaluating the battle pass and will be adding several high-value items to both the free and premium tiers. These include more character variants, currency, and other desirable items. Alongside the Jason Voorhees character, new taunts and ringouts will become available during Season 1.

Battle Pass Duration and Currency

The duration of the battle pass has been adjusted, with Season 1 to run for eight weeks. Players can keep earning currency from the pass indefinitely after completing it in advance. MultiVersus will launch with four different types of currency; Perk, Fighter, Prestige, and Gleamium.

  • Perk: Earned in Rifts Mode, Battle Pass, Account Mastery, or Character Mastery and used to unlock In-Game Perks.
  • Fighter: Earned in Rifts Mode, Battle Pass, Account Mastery, or Character Mastery for unlocking Characters.
  • Prestige: Earned by acquiring cosmetics and used to unlock exclusive Prestige Cosmetics.
  • Gleamium: Gained via Events, Battle Pass, or direct purchase, and used to buy Cosmetics, Emotes, the Battle Pass, and more.

Launch Date

On May 28th, MultiVersus is set to launch on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.

Wrapping Up

With the comprehensive enhancements and additional features, MultiVersus seems ready to offer its users a high-quality, engaging gaming experience. As we eagerly await the official launch, you can get up-to-date information and more on HitPlay.

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