New Movies Coming to Streaming This Week: ‘Wonka,’ ‘Past Lives,’ and More

Exciting New Titles on VOD: ‘Calamity Jane’ and ‘Wonka’

‘Calamity Jane’ – A Gritty Western Thriller

Release Date: Friday, February 2

Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards and Stephen Amell reunite in “Calamity Jane,” a western thriller with a strong female lead. Rickards portrays the legendary figure Calamity Jane, who embarks on a revenge mission after her lover’s murder. The film promises intense action and emotional depth, with a supporting cast including Tim Rozon and Priscilla Faia. This period piece seems poised to offer a fresh perspective on the iconic character, blending historical elements with a contemporary storytelling style.

‘Wonka’ – A Musical Journey into the Past

Release Date: Tuesday, January 30

Timothée Chalamet stars in “Wonka,” a musical that delves into the origins of Roald Dahl’s eccentric chocolatier. This film, directed by Paul King, combines whimsy with Chalamet’s proven dramatic chops. Willy Wonka’s tale of dreams, deceit, and determination is set against an impressive cast including Olivia Colman and Hugh Grant. The film promises to be a visually stunning, emotionally resonant retelling of a beloved character’s beginnings.

Netflix’s Offerings: ‘Orion and the Dark’ and ‘Shortcomings’

‘Orion and the Dark’ – A Heartwarming Animated Tale

Release Date: Friday, February 2

DreamWorks Animation and Charlie Kaufman team up for “Orion and the Dark,” an animated fantasy based on Emma Yarlett’s book. The story follows Orion, an anxious kid who confronts his fear of the dark in an extraordinary way. With a voice cast featuring Jacob Tremblay and Paul Walter Hauser, the film explores themes of fear, friendship, and bravery. Its unique animation style and heartfelt storytelling are likely to appeal to both children and adults.

‘Shortcomings’ – A Comedic Exploration of Identity

Release Date: Monday, February 1

Randall Park’s directorial debut, “Shortcomings,” is a nuanced dramedy based on Adrian Tomine’s graphic novel. Justin H. Min plays Ben, a young man grappling with his identity and relationships. This film blends humor with introspective themes, featuring a diverse cast including Ally Maki and Sherry Cola. It’s an exciting foray into filmmaking for Park, promising a thoughtful and entertaining exploration of contemporary issues.

On Max: ‘Dicks: The Musical’

‘Dicks: The Musical’ – A Bold R-Rated Musical

Release Date: Friday, February 2

A24’s “Dicks: The Musical,” directed by Larry Charles, is an audacious R-rated musical that plays like a risqué version of “The Parent Trap.” It follows identical twins, played by Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson, on a comical quest to reunite their parents. The cast includes Nathan Lane and Megan Thee Stallion, promising a blend of humor, music, and heart. This film represents a new direction for A24, known for its dramatic and horror films, and showcases their ability to diversify into different genres.

Paramount+ Adds ‘Past Lives’ and ‘The Tiger’s Apprentice’

‘Past Lives’ – A Reflective Romantic Drama

Release Date: Friday, February 2 (through Paramount+ with Showtime)

“Past Lives,” directed by Celine Song and starring Greta Lee, is a romantic drama that delves into themes of love, destiny, and what-ifs. The film has garnered critical acclaim for its emotional depth and narrative structure. The story of Nora, a Korean immigrant, reconnecting with a childhood friend, promises to be a poignant exploration of relationships and choices, set against a backdrop of exquisite storytelling.

‘The Tiger’s Apprentice’ – A Fantastical Animated Adventure

Release Date: Friday, February 2

Based on Laurence Yep’s novels, “The Tiger’s Apprentice” is an animated film about Tom Lee, a teenager thrust into a mystical world. Voiced by an ensemble cast including Henry Golding and Michelle Yeoh, the film combines elements of fantasy, culture, and adventure. It’s a visually striking and narratively engaging film that offers a blend of action, humor, and heart.

Wrapping Up

This week’s streaming releases provide a vibrant mix of genres and storytelling styles. From the musical allure of “Wonka” to the introspective journey of “Past Lives,” there is a wealth of content catering to diverse tastes. Stay updated with these and more exciting entertainment releases on HitPlay.

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