Under Paris Under Threat as Netflix Shark Movie Faces Lawsuit

Netflix’s French shark movie Under Paris might be removed from the service soon after its June 5, 2024, release due to a legal claim alleging it steals another writer’s original idea.

Writer and director Vincent Dietschy claims the film resembles his 2011 project Silure, inspired by Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, which features a giant catfish terrorizing the Seine.

Under Paris Movie Facing Takedown?

Dietschy theorizes that Under Paris producers Sébastien Auscher and Edouard Duprey accessed his idea after he pitched it to French agent Laurent Grégoire in 2014. He claims a development dossier circulated among producers in 2015.

An initial hearing on June 14, 2024, will decide on a request to suspend the film’s release while a second lawsuit about parasitism proceeds. In this context, parasitism refers to benefiting from another’s efforts and knowledge without permission or payment.

The producers of Under Paris have reportedly denied Dietschy’s claims.

What is Under Paris About?

Set in the summer of 2024, Under Paris takes place during the World Triathlon Championships on the Seine. Sophia, a scientist, teams up with a young environmental activist and the Seine River police commander, Adil, to tackle a large shark in the river.

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Directed by Xavier Gens, who co-wrote the script with Yaël Langmann, Yannick Dahan, and Maud Heywang. Produced by Sébastien Auscher, the film stars Bérénice Bejo, Nassim Lyes, Léa Léviant, Iñaki Lartigue, and José Antonio Pedrosa Moreno.

Under Paris releases on Netflix on June 5, 2024.

Wrapping Up

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