‘Young Dexter’ Cast in ‘Dexter’ Prequel Series

If young Dexter is not wearing a terrible sideswept bangs wig we’ll riot. “Dexter,” is slated to make a comeback in the form of a prequel. The series, which first premiered on Showtime and ran for eight seasons, and later saw a revival series, is now returning under the title “Dexter: Original Sin.”

Brief Overview of the New Series

“Dexter: Original Sin” comes as a prequel to the original series which aired from 2006 to 2013. It is set to explore the years of the well-known serial killer, Dexter Morgan, before the original series timeline. As in the original series and its successor, “Dexter: New Blood” which premiered in 2021, the storyline revolves around Dexter’s vengeful exploits against murderers who have slipped away from the traditional justice system. Dexter, however, is not only a vigilante but also works as a forensics expert for the Miami Police Department.

About the Cast

The prequel will star Patrick Gibson, acting as Dexter during his younger years. Christian Slater is also expected to star as the character, Harry, who is Dexter’s adoptive father and the person responsible for teaching him to channel his murderous impulses towards criminals. Moly Brown, on the other hand, will take on the role of Debra, Dexter’s sister.

Showtime’s Synopsis of “Dexter: Original Sin”

The synopsis provided by Showtime reveals exciting details about the series. The show will follow Dexter as he transitions from a student into an avenging serial killer, under his father’s guidance, he adopts a code designed to help him kill criminals who deserve to be eliminated from society, without attracting the attention of law enforcement. This becomes a particular challenge for young Dexter, now interning at the Miami Metro Police Department.

The Show’s Anticipated Release and Platform

“Dexter: Original Sin” is expected to premiere for a 10-episode run on Paramount+ as well as on Showtime.

Wrapping Up

For fans of the original and revival series, “Dexter: Original Sin” presents a fresh look into the formative years of the titular character’s life. Keep an eye out for updates and do not miss out on the series premiere. You can sign up for a free trial of Paramount+ here: Paramount+.

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