Weekly Shots: Jlaw, Nick Fury, Gabrielle Union, SJP and more movies and TV shows for you

Welcome to another serving of our weekly picks’ roundup – ‘Weekly Shots’! Consider this a guide to the week’s most worthy films and series, a blend of approvals and escape choices. Whether you’re in the mood for a deep dive or just some mindless fun, we’ve got you covered. Now, onto this week’s buffet…

TV Shows Streaming

And Just Like That… (Season 2)

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Season 2 finds Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) ready to dive back into the vibrant sex and social life of New York after the loss of her husband. With fan favorites making a comeback and a promise of more intrigue and drama, this season is definitely not one to miss. Airs weekly on Thursdays on Max. Read all we know about it with no spoilers here.

The Bear (Season 2)

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The Bear is back with a bang for its second season. The delightful mix of comedy and pathos continues, with a plot that leaves fans wanting more. If you’re craving for more of Carmy and his cohorts, all ten episodes of season 2 are waiting for you on Hulu. All season 2 episodes are available on Hulu now. Read our review.

Secret Invasion (Season 1)

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Unleash your inner superhero with “Secret Invasion,” a spicy blend of intrigue and action masterminded by the genius behind Mr. Robot, Kyle Bradstreet. Join our stalwart ally, Nick Fury (unforgettably portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson), as he takes on the Skrull invasion. The series parades a galaxy of stars, featuring the likes of Ben Mendelsohn, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Emilia Clarke of GOT fame, and the brilliant Oscar-winner Olivia Colman. Conceived in September 2020 and filmed across England’s iconic landscapes, this cosmic spy thriller beamed onto screens on June 21, 2023, delivered in a compact, six-episode series. Catch a new episode every Wednesday, exclusively on Disney+.

In Theaters

No Hard Feelings (Gene Stupnitsky)

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When the threat of losing her childhood home looms, Maddie (Jennifer Lawrence) stumbles upon a peculiar employment opportunity – “dating” a shy 19-year-old boy before he flies off to college. But what initially seems like a sure deal gets tangled as Maddie realises that the quirky Percy is more than what meets the eye.

Movies Streaming

The Perfect Find (Nuna Perrier)

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What’s more complicated than falling for a handsome, younger man? Finding out he’s the son of your boss and frenemy! Gabrielle Union stars in this delightful Netflix rom-com that’s far more than just a story about a woman reigniting her spark.

Armageddon Time (James Gray)

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Not just another “state of the nation” film, James Gray’s Armageddon Time delves deep, presenting a refreshingly idiosyncratic view of the United States at a particular time in history. James Gray proves once again why he is lauded for his ability to tell distinctive stories. Where to Stream: Prime Video

Godland (Hlynur Pálmason)

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Taking inspiration from a Danish priest’s photographs of late 19th-century Iceland, Godland is a historical masterpiece that narrates the trials of young Lutheran Lucas. The unforgiving terrains of Iceland form the backdrop for Lucas’s heartfelt journey into the wilderness. Where to Stream: The Criterion Channel

Infinity Pool (Brandon Cronenberg)

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Following in his father’s footsteps, Brandon Cronenberg successfully creates a vivid world that brilliantly combines grotesque anatomical concepts with incisive socio-economic fables. Brandon’s flair for fine detail is as captivating as it is horrifying. Where to Stream: Hulu

Pacifiction (Albert Serra)

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Eclipsing other films at the Cannes competition, Pacifiction leaves a powerful impression. With its unique approach and captivating storytelling, it is this year’s sensation. Where to Stream: MUBI

Evil Dead Rise (Lee Cronin)

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In the latest ‘Evil Dead’ instalment, Evil Dead Rise offers a blood-curdling spectacle that continues the franchise’s tradition of top-notch horror. Despite a complex setup, the film races ahead with terrifying sequences and shocking horrors that make for a thrilling addition to the ‘Evil Dead’ legacy. Available on Max.

The Stroll (Kristen Lovell and Zachary Drucker)

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The Stroll paints a vivid picture of pre-Giuliani New York. Kristen Lovell, an activist, actress, and producer, uses her experience to bring an insider’s perspective to the streets of this transformative period in New York’s history. Where to Stream: Max

Three Floors (Nanni Moretti)

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Three Floors is a classic Nanni Moretti piece, packed with the intrigue and irony that the acclaimed director is renowned for. The film’s centerpiece – a surprising car accident – triggers a chain of events, unraveling the lives of the residents of an apartment block. Where to Stream: MUBI

Video On Demand

Other People’s Children (Rebecca Zlotowski)

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Navigating through the complexity of motherhood, Rebecca Zlotowski’s French drama Other People’s Children chronicles Rachel’s (Virginie Efira) journey as she grapples with her own notions of maternity after falling for a man with a young daughter. Where to Stream: VOD

Sanctuary (Zachary Wigon)

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In Sanctuary, a sex worker and a regular client’s relationship evolves into something more than just business. Their emotionally charged transactions reveal more about their individual insecurities and ambitions than meets the eye. Where to Stream: VOD

You Hurt My Feelings (Nicole Holofcener)

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Comedic genius Nicole Holofcener returns with You Hurt My Feelings, a relatable exploration of the emotional ramifications of seemingly small actions. Grounded in everyday life, this film captures the high stakes of the human experience with a touch of humor. Where to Stream: VOD

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