Weekly Shots: Dungeons, Dom Toretto & Donna Summer and many more to watch

Picture this: You’re surfing through the infinite cosmos of television shows and movies, drowning in a sea of endless options. Choices, choices, choices… So many possibilities, yet so little time! So, why not give the mental gymnastics a rest and trust the masterminds that have scoured through it all to make your weekend binge-watch fest worth it?

Welcome to your curated guide that combines an appetizing menu of couch potato-worthy content with the scrumptious delights of cinema from a variety of streaming platforms. From well-seasoned dramas to fresh and zesty comedies, we’ve got you covered! Let’s kick the scrolling to the curb and dive in!

“A Thousand and One”

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This is the story of Inez, who, fresh out of Rikers Island, navigates the vibrant rhythm of Brooklyn in 1993, trying to reclaim her past and her seven-year-old Terry. Walk her journey on Peacock.

“Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves”

Think of it as a turbo-charged bedtime story. A starry ensemble including Chris Pine, Regé-Jean Page, and Michelle Rodriguez, lend their charisma to this fantasy rollercoaster. Whether you’re a D&D aficionado or a simple spectator, this film guarantees a wild ride now available on Paramount+.

“Queer Eye”

Sprinkle some sparkle and sass onto your viewing platter with Queer Eye’s seventh season. This Netflix charm-fest is back with the Fab Five, revamping lives in New Orleans, proving that fairy godmothers aren’t just for Cinderella.

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“The Thief Collector”

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A mesmerizing deep dive into the world of high-stakes art theft. This intriguing tale of the Alter couple, alleged thieves of a $160 million de Kooning painting, is filled with cliffhangers and reveals that will leave you breathless. Catch this caper on VOD.


Witness how one handshake between Michael Jordan and a Nike employee altered the terrain of athletic footwear in “Air”. This riveting drama, starring Matt Damon and Viola Davis, narrates an underdog story of seismic proportions. Slip into your Jordans and jump onto Prime Video for this tale.

“Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me”

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Netflix offers a stirring and intimate peek behind the fame-encrusted façade of model Anna Nicole Smith. Expect unseen footage and candid revelations from those who held her closest, offering a raw and poignant narrative to a life often misunderstood.

“The Great”

Hulu’s sardonic gem “The Great”, tracks the extraordinary ascension of Catherine the Great with tongue-in-cheek humor and delicious drama. With stars Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult leading the pack, this historical dramedy makes learning history fun!

“Fear the Walking Dead”

Cure your undead craving with the final season of Fear the Walking Dead on AMC. Step into this apocalyptic realm and brace yourself for a visceral thrill ride that is guaranteed to keep you gripping your couch.

“Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie”

This intimate documentary on Apple TV+ explores the untold chapters of Michael J. Fox’s life after his Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis. Far from a mere biography, this film shines a light on resilience, strength, and the indomitable spirit of a true icon.

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“Polite Society”

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A lightning-paced coming-of-age tale presents the audacious Ria Khan (Priya Kansara) and her stunt performer dreams. Buckle up for a wild ride filled with grand performances and massive music cues on VOD.

“Selling Sunset”

Netflix’s reality spectacle, Selling Sunset, takes you into the heart of LA’s real estate drama. Dive into the opulent world of power brokers, as they navigate the shimmering nightlife and high-stake deals.

“Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story”

This Bridgerton spinoff on Netflix takes you on a journey back to the roots of Queen Charlotte. As we dig deeper into her rise to power, the series introduces an LGBTQ+ storyline, painting a vibrant canvas of diverse characters.

“Fast X”

Under the skillful direction of Louis Leterrier, takes the beloved characters of the Fast series – with Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) at the wheel – on another thrill-packed ride. This time, they confront a chilling adversary from their past (Jason Momoa), driven by a thirst for vengeance. As audaciously comical as it is consciously self-aware, Fast X steps on the gas for longtime enthusiasts, but leaves newcomers biting dust. In theaters nationwide.

“America’s Next Top Model”

Relive the rollercoaster ride of America’s Next Top Model on Hulu. Celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary by stepping back onto the runway and revisiting the high fashion chaos and candid moments that made the show iconic.

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“To Catch a Killer”

Shailene Woodley is Eleanor Falco, a police newbie with unparalleled tenacity, chasing a city’s nightmares while wrestling with her own. You can find this cat-and-mouse game on VOD.


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Directed by Albert Serra, it’s a unique cinematic experience that deviates from conventional storytelling. With its premiere hailed as a masterpiece at Cannes, it’s the film world’s latest sensation. Join the sensation and watch it on VOD.

“Love to Love You, Donna Summer”

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This deep-dive into the life of disco queen Donna Summer is a dance through the avant-garde music scene of Germany all the way to the sparkling clubs of New York. Directed by Roger Ross Williams and Brooklyn Sudano, this documentary features unseen home footage and intimate interviews that will make you feel the beat of Summer’s life and legacy. Get ready to groove your way into this extraordinary journey of music, glamour, and resilience.

So, buckle up for an exhilarating ride of entertainment this weekend. Whether it’s dancing to the rhythm of Donna Summer or chasing thrills with Dom Toretto, there’s a little something for everyone. Dim the lights, grab your popcorn, and say goodbye to the ennui of infinite scrolling. Happy watching!