John Cena Warned ‘Barbie’ Mermaid Role Could Damage Career

John Cena’s Memorable Role in Barbie

John Cena might not have made an appearance in Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” had he followed his manager’s advice. Cena, a celebrated global actor, took on a minor role of a mermaid in this Oscar-nominated film, against the advice of his team. They were concerned that it might impede opportunities for more significant roles for Cena.

Despite the limited nature of his role in “Barbie,” Cena insists that every opportunity is an opportunity, emphasizing his individuality beyond his career as an actor. He shared his insights during an interview on the The Howard Stern Show, expressing that he understands the advice from the agency perspective but prefers to carve his path.

Balancing Work Commitments

John Cena was very keen to be part of “Barbie” when he first read the script. However, his commitment to the production of Fast X conflicted with the potential larger role in “Barbie”. Margot Robbie, the star and producer of the film, offered a solution by assigning him a minor role of a mermaid that would require him to be on set for half a day.

Cena appreciated his agency’s concern about the potential impact of his small part, feeling it was beneath him. But he chose to follow his instincts and went ahead to play the part. He believed that good work could open doors and opportunities.

The Success of Barbie

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The “Barbie” movie surprised many with its immense success. It became the biggest movie of 2023, earning eight Oscars nominations including best picture, supporting actress for America Ferrera, supporting actor for Ryan Gosling, and adapted screenplay for Greta Gerwig and co-writer Noah Baumbach alongside others.

Despite the small role he took up in the movie, John Cena’s decision to join the cast of “Barbie” brings to light his dedication to his craft. Even as he was cautioned about the potential impact on his career, he chose to follow his instincts, and it paid off.

Wrapping Up

John Cena’s participation in “Barbie” underscores his philosophy that every opportunity is an opportunity. His commitment and belief in the project paid dividends when the movie knocked it out of the park in the international film industry. For more captivating content like this and more, be sure to visit HitPlay.

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