Christopher Nolan Expresses His Love for Fast & Furious, Endorses Tokyo Drift

Christopher Nolan, recognized for his outstanding contributions to the film industry, recently revealed his admiration for the Fast & Furious franchise. The acclaimed director confessed that he is an unashamed enthusiast of the action-packed film series during his appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. This article provides a glimpse into Christopher Nolan’s thoughts on the Fast & Furious films and recommends a starting point for those new to the franchise.

Christopher Nolan’s Guilt-Free Love for Fast & Furious Franchise

Nolan’s fondness for the Fast & Furious films came to light when Colbert queried him about his known affinity for the franchise. Unabashedly, Nolan expressed, “I have no guilt about being a fan of the Fast and Furious franchise.” Highlighting it as an impressive action franchise, he expressed surprise that Colbert hadn’t seen any of the films and mentioned that he often watches them himself. “You’ve never seen any of them?” Nolan asked incredulously, “I watch those movies all the time. I love them. I’m amazed you’ve never seen one of them.”

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Christopher Nolan’s Recommendation for Fast & Furious Newcomers

For individuals keen on immersing themselves in the Fast & Furious universe, Nolan suggests beginning with the standalone sequel to the first film, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Released in 2006, the movie also links to the broader franchise plot further down the line. Presently, the franchise boasts 11 films, inclusive of the 2019 spinoff Hobbs & Shaw. The latest installment, Fast X, premiered in May 2023, and the 11th film in the series is anticipated to release by 2025. The franchise has also announced plans for three more spin-offs, one of which will feature Dwayne Johnson.

Wrapping Up

Christopher Nolan’s unapologetic love for the Fast & Furious series adds a fresh perspective on the multi-faceted director. His recommendation to start with Tokyo Drift also provides an ideal starting point for newcomers to the series. With an exciting lineup of films and spin-offs on the horizon, the franchise promises continued thrills in the future. For more reviews, guides, and news about films, check out HitPlay.