Conan Lauds Norm Macdonald’s O.J. Simpson Jokes from ‘SNL’ Era

The passing of O.J. Simpson, who had a controversial legacy, resulted in an outpouring of remembrance and love for the late comedian Norm Macdonald, who died in 2021. The pair have a historical connection that began in the 1990s when Macdonald hosted the ‘Weekend Update’ segment on the popular entertainment show, Saturday Night Live. During this time, Macdonald made numerous, highly amusing jokes about Simpson during the so-called “Trial of the Century”. Such was their perceived comedic value, they were compiled into an 11-minute feature, despite the disapproval of NBC producer, Don Ohlmeyer, who was a close friend of Simpson.

Macdonald’s O.J. Simpson Jokes Trigger NBC Dismissal

Despite Simpson’s acquittal, Macdonald persisted with his satirical jokes, which ultimately led to NBC producer Don Ohlmeyer dismissing him from his ‘Weekend Update’ surroundings. Macdonald famously quipped, “Ohlmeyer is best friends with O.J. Simpson. If he can like O.J. Simpson, he can like me.”

Conan O’Brien Pays Tribute to Macdonald’s Fearless Comedy

In a recent appearance on CNN promoting his Max series, Conan O’Brien Must Go, Conan O’Brien commended Macdonald’s relentless commentary of Simpson, even when his job was at stake. O’Brien referred to it as “some of the most brilliant comedy of anybody during that whole period”, according to The Wrap. During this interview, O’Brien explained that “the head of the network at the time was tight with O.J… That was a huge moment in history.”

Macdonald’s Memory Lives On

The late Macdonald’s comedic legacy is still appreciated by many on social media. An exemplary clip from Conan’s aforementioned CNN interview can be found below.

Wrapping Up

Norm Macdonald’s comedic talent and daring character were hugely influential during his time on Saturday Night Live. These qualities still resonate with audiences today. For further material on Conan O’Brien talking about Norm Macdonald, go to The Wrap.

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