Shane Gillis Shows His Insane Version of the Limu Emu and Doug at SNL

Shane Gillis, popular comedian, podcaster, and co-host of Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast, made a return appearance on “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) after being fired from the cast five years ago for past racist and homophobic jokes. His performance was a mixed bag, with some parts of his routine falling flat and others eliciting chuckles from the audience.

Gillis’ Return: A Mixed Response

At his return to SNL’s Studio 8H, Gillis appeared noticeably nervous. Attempts to lighten the mood, such as making fun of his father, did not resonate with all audience members. Despite some tense moments, Gillis managed to squeeze some laughs from the crowd with his unique brand of humor.

Highlighting Sketches

Despite a somewhat shaky start and lukewarm response to a cold open reference to Donald Trump winning the South Carolina primary, Gillis still had his highlights. He amused viewers with a spoof advertisement for Rock Bottom Kings, a unique betting platform. Another mock ad saw Gillis portray young Gordon Dwyer, who – instead of gaining basketball skills – acquires a Trump-like hairdo and a peculiar relationship with the truth after Donald Trump supposedly gifts him a golden pair of sneakers.

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Podcaster Turns Game Show Guest

Gillis, known for his successful podcasting background, got an opportunity to showcase his comic timing in a game show sketch. Unable to recall the names of famous Black people as their images pop up on the screen, his act did manage to get a fair share of laughs. He repeated the magic with the portrayal of an insecure man advertising Fugliana, a sex doll for those intimidated by beautiful women.

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Critics Corner

Gillis’ other sketches, though often stretched thin, provided humor to some. But one dealing with HR and workplace dating seemed ceaseless. The usually-highlighted “Weekend Update” was remarkably short, with a peculiar appearance from a cast member dressed as a frozen embryo grabbing attention more than the banter.

Music From 21 Savage

The show’s musical segment featured British-American rapper 21 Savage presenting his single “redrum” in a foreboding blood-red light. However, the performance didn’t manage to woo the audience.

Wrapping Up

Shane Gillis’ return to SNL five years after being fired has been anything but graceful. But hat’s off to him for landing some good jokes and maintaining his comedian spirit throughout. Check out the performance yourself on HitPlay.

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