Dave Bautista Reveals His Dune 2 Man Crush

Dave Bautista, known for his roles in Marvel Studios’ movies, returns to the big screen with Denis Villeneuve’s anticipated sci-fi epic, Dune 2. Despite having a successful run in Hollywood, Bautista openly admitted that he felt intimidated while on the set of Dune 2, working alongside acclaimed actors like Christopher Walken and Stellan Skarsgard.

Dave Bautista and Josh Brolin

The former WWE wrestler-turned-actor confessed his admiration for co-star Josh Brolin during the New York City premiere of Dune 2. The two actors have been friends for years, their bond growing deeper through meaningful conversations during their Marvel years.

Bautista said, “It’s really intimidating, looking over and seeing Stellan Skarsgard and looking down and seeing Christopher Walken, and seeing [Timothée Chalamet] and Zendaya and Austin [Butler] and Florence [Pugh] and Josh Brolin. God, I have a man crush, a huge man crush on Josh Brolin. I love him as a performer, as a human being.”

Character Development in Dune 2

Dune 2's Dave Bautista Explains His Huge Man Crush on One Costar

In Dune 2, Bautista’s character, Rabban Harkonnen, starts as a key player in the struggle for control of Arrakis. The sequel will offer a deeper exploration of Rabban’s character, moving beyond the brute force he’s known for, providing viewers with a better understanding of his character.

Bautista recalled an interaction with director Denis Villeneuve, where they discussed the development of Rabban’s character: “My favorite memory was my first day at work when I was just there for costume fittings. Denis had come in to say hello to me. I was dying to have this conversation about the character because he’s more fleshed out. He’s more developed in this. And I said, ‘Let’s talk about it. Who is he? What do you think?’ And he said, ‘Let me dream about it tonight, and I’ll tell you tomorrow.’ I thought that was the best answer I’ve ever gotten from anyone in my life. It just gave me chills. Even when my parts aren’t that big, he’s just invested, invested in my characters and invested in me.”

Critical Success of Dune 2

While Dune 2 has already garnered critical acclaim, the movie’s real test will lie in its reception by audiences. As the filmmakers eye the completion of the trilogy with Dune: Messiah, the coming weeks will be crucial in determining the future of the franchise.

Wrapping Up

Dune 2 hits the theaters worldwide on March 1, 2024. Check it out and share your views on the much-anticipated sequel with the HitPlay community.

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