First ‘Dune: Prophecy’ Trailer Released for HBO Max TV Series

The film franchise of ‘Dune’ is poised to expand into a full-fledged universe this fall with the introduction of a new television series. The forthcoming feature, titled “Dune: Prophecy,” explores events set millennia before Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’ novel and its recent film adaptation by Denis Villeneuve. The show will delve into the intriguing world of the Bene Gesserit sisterhood during the inception of their divine plan, which we witnessed in the book and films.

About ‘Dune: Prophecy’

“Dune: Prophecy” is a tale spun thousands of years prior to the chronicles of the original Dune novel. It aims to shed light on the background, the machinations, and the arduous journey of the Bene Gesserit sisterhood maestros. An array of well-known actors are lined up to enact the characters on screen. The stellar cast include talents such as Emily Watson, Olivia Williams, and Travis Fimmel amongst others.

The Creative Team

To bring this vivid and expansive universe to the small screen, a team of industry heavyweights has been assembled. Alison Schapker has been named the showrunner of “Dune: Prophecy,” working in association with co-developer Diane Ademu-John. The creative blueprint of the series will also see contributions from Jon Spaihts, who co-authored two ‘Dune’ movies, and Brian Herbert, the progeny of Frank Herbert who perpetuated the ‘Dune’ Universe in an ongoing series after his father’s demise.

Teaser and Synopsis

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The production team has already released an inviting teaser for the series. Based on the expansive universe of the acclaimed author Frank Herbert, the official synopsis of the series sheds light on its distinctive plot. “Dune: Prophecy” dwells on the story of two Harkonnen sisters combating adversarial influences that pose a significant threat to the future of humankind. It sets the platform for the advent of the legendary sect known as the Bene Gesserit. The plot is predominantly derived from the novel “Sisterhood of Dune,” co-written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.


“Dune: Prophecy” is slated for release on Max in the fall of 2024. For further updates and an immersive viewing experience, make sure to visit HitPlay.

Wrapping Up

The addition of “Dune: Prophecy” signifies the ever-evolving landscape of the ‘Dune’ universe by venturing into unexplored territories. With its unique narrative and an ensemble cast, this series promises to offer a captivating watch for the ‘Dune’ aficionados and sci-fi lovers alike. For more such intriguing content, don’t forget to visit HitPlay.

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