Dakota Johnson Makes Fun of Nepo Babies Like Herself

Starlet Dakota Johnson lit up Saturday Night Live with her candid revelation about her struggles with press interviews during promotional periods. The actress humorously talked about her shortcomings during her monologue as SNL’s host, which also included surprising guest appearances, inside jokes, and throwback moments.

Dakota Johnson on Facing the Press

Dakota Johnson, known for her impactful performances in various movies, is currently in the spotlight for the upcoming Marvel movie ‘Madame Web.’ Co-starring with Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, and Celeste O’Connor, Johnson admitted in her SNL monologue that speaking to journalists isn’t her strong suit. Her candid confession ended on a light note as she said, “I think the big problem is that I say stuff and then they write it down and, and it’s really unfair because most of the time I’m joking.”

A Walk Down Memory Lane for Johnson

Inferencing her inability to take things too seriously, she unveiled a snippet showcasing her younger self, on the ’90s red carpet with her father, actor Don Johnson. The footage revealed her rolling her eyes as a child, simulating her current SNL stage expression as she chuckled on rolling her eyes once again.

Johnson’s Take on ‘Madame Web’

Going on air on 14th February, Johnson humorously described her latest Marvel movie venture by labeling it, “It’s kind of like if AI generated your boyfriend’s perfect movie.”

Recalling the Previous SNL Moments

While this is Johnson’s second time hosting SNL, her previous hosting gig in season 40 in 2015 saw her amidst illustrious company including Steven Spielberg, Sarah Palin, George Lucas, and Donald Trump. The episode took a humorous turn as a photo revealed her proximity to Taylor Swift, who was seated in front of her. Johnson amusingly commented, “It’s just crazy standing so close to someone that would become the most powerful person in America,”, rendering a satirical comment about Trump’s stint as the 45th President.

Guest Appearances and Humorous Exchanges

The night’s musical guest, pop-star Justin Timberlake, turned up the heat as he comically misunderstood Johnson’s intro as his cue to host. Timberlake, who has hosted SNL five times, responded to Johnson’s shocked expression by asking her to involve him in the sketches. He humorously questioned Johnson’s reference to his SNL gig as a “comeback,” causing Johnson to clarify, “I mean, comeback in a good way”. The playful duo continued their comedy routine on stage with Timberlake bantering on bringing the ‘comeback’ in the same vein as his hit single ‘Sexy Back’.

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The evening’s merriment was enhanced further by Jimmy Fallon, who appeared as Barry Gibb from ‘The Barry Gibb Talk Show’, continuing the sketch later with Timberlake playing Robin, Gibb’s younger brother. The SNL episode also featured surprise appearances from the stars of ‘Shark Tank’, Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban.

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Wrapping Up

The ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ actress once again demonstrated her natural comedic talents on SNL, leaving fans wanting for more. Amidst the laughter and entertainment, Johnson imparted some honesty about her relationship with the press and shared some lighthearted moments with the guests. To keep following Dakota Johnson’s journey, head to HitPlay to find her latest roles and movies.

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