Shazam Director Set to Adapt PlayStation Horror Game ‘Until Dawn’

After a stint on the now dead, DCEU, filmmaker David F. Sandberg is turning his attention back to his deep-rooted passion – the horror genre. The acclaimed director of ‘Shazam!’ has recently sealed a deal to direct ‘Until Dawn’, an engaging adaptation of the popular PlayStation horror video game. This project is brought to life by the partnership of Screen Gems and PlayStation Productions, both of which are part of the expansive Sony corporate family.

Gary Dauberman Adds His Touch to ‘Until Dawn’

Gary Dauberman, the skilled scribe behind horror blockbusters like ‘It’, ‘Annabelle’, and ‘The Nun’, is revising the script originally written by Blair Butler, the brilliant mind behind Sony’s vampire thriller, ‘The Invitation’. Dauberman, who penned a first-look deal with Screen Gems and Sony last year to supply them with bone-chilling horror movies, will be producing ‘Until Dawn’ through his Coin Operated banner.

‘Until Dawn’: An Overview of the Terrifying Tale

Launched in 2015, ‘Until Dawn’ is an immersive horror video game that pivots around a group of eight friends and faux friends who unknowingly step into a web of terrifying events at a secluded mountain retreat. The game, replete with spine-tingling scenarios and a nerve-racking battle for survival against a cryptic killer, horrific wendigos, and an age-old cave-in catastrophe, was critically acclaimed and bagged several gaming award nominations upon its release.

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The Big Screen Adaptation: A Peek into the Project

While details about the film’s plot are currently held in secrecy, Screen Gems has described it as an R-rated homage to the horror genre. The film will be centred on an ensemble cast, promising a rich and diverse array of characters for viewers to follow.

PlayStation Productions: A Growing Slate of Productions

Over the last couple of years, PlayStation Productions has been steadily expanding its portfolio. The production unit has already sparked excitement among gaming enthusiasts by bringing to life popular console games like ‘The Last of Us’, ‘Gran Turismo’, and ‘Twisted Metal’ on the cinematic canvas.

Behind the Camera: Sandberg and Dauberman

Sandberg, who started his career crafting horror shorts in his homeland of Sweden, gained Hollywood’s attention with ‘Closet Space’. His directorial debut, ‘Lights Out’, was well-received, prompting him to helm ‘Annabelle: Creation’, a highly successful instalment in ‘The Conjuring’ horror series. Sandberg has also demonstrated his versatility by injecting elements of horror into the superhero universe with 2019’s ‘Shazam!’, and ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’.

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Dauberman, on the other hand, is actively working on the adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot’ for Warner Bros., which he both wrote and directed. He is also developing a live-action remake of the 1980s animated series ‘Gargoyles’ for Disney+.

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